Bill & Ted Face the Music


Adventure / Comedy / Music / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Psy-Ko 10 / 10

Most bodacious!

Got to see an advance screening! Bill & Ted Face The Music - Most Excellent! I was really afraid what they were going to do with this movie, would the PC it up? I already knew the sons had become daughters so it made me a bit wary of it. They did ok explaining that I guess. The girls do a good job, the one that plays Thea really has the Ted moves down but it's kinda creepy on a girl. I think they'll carry on the torch fine if thats the plan.

It was corny, dumb and predictable..... Exactly what I was hoping for!! If you're a fan of the original B&T movies you'll like it, if you weren't or if you haven't seen them, I'm not sure why you'd go see this one. You might like it but you'll miss a lot of references. It's kind of like the same story but not really. I guess all I'm saying is I enjoyed it and felt it was worthy of the B&T name

Only bad part of seeing it early is now I've got nothing to look forward to this weekend.

Reviewed by ChrisInMiami 10 / 10

Everything you could want in a Bill & Ted movie

The whole family hopped in the convertible and went down to the drive-in tonight to see the Bill and Ted threequel on opening night. We are all fans of the first two. My daughter asked if I thought it was gonna be any good, cuz the trailers didn't inspire and we were really disappointed with Kevin Smith's recent Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. I told her I honestly didn't care because after 25+ years I felt it was a personal love letter from the cast to me and I was gonna return the love.

IT WAS GREAT! Everything you can want in a Bill and Ted movie. Every bit as good as the first one and definitely better than the weaker second installment. I always enjoyed the second one but it suffered with low budget effects that couldn't do the story justice.

FYI there's a great end credits scene.

SPOILERS. The movie starts and our two lovable BFF's are still tied at the hip to the point their wives take them to couples counseling but BIll and Ted think it's for both couples at the same time. They've had some success with their music but it's been a while since the glory days and things haven't panned out the way good old Rufus prophesized. They're living the typical middle class life in the burbs with the house and one daughter each. Now with the deadline coming for them to unite the world, all time and space is falling apart. In typical Bill and Ted fashion they decide to steal their music from their future selves (and in typical B & T logic you can't really steal from yourself anyway). They meetup with several future versions of themselves only to find they STILL haven't written the universe altering music with each successive reunion (see what I did there?) playing for good laughs. Their daughters go on a separate adventure to unite the worlds greatest band consisting of a slew of histories' greatest musicians.

It ends the only way a B & T movie can, with a rock show.

It could be the perfect ending to the series but does it have to be? I'm totally ready to party on some more...

7 out of 10 compared to other comedies but if your a BIll and Ted fan, and why wouldn't you be, then it's a solid 10.

Thank you Chris, Ed, Alex and Keanu.

Reviewed by burkholdermicah 10 / 10


I'm so glad they made a sequel. Thank God it's not some soulless, emotionless remake that Hollywood nowadays has a big habit of doing. Alex Winter is awesome once again as Bill and Keanu Reeves is still amazing as Ted. Bill & Ted Face the Music is one of those movies that you might wanna try out since theaters are reopening (around my area, of course). If you liked the other Bill & Ted movies, then this movie will not disappoint. Since it's my first time in a while going back to the movie theaters, this one is definitely worth a watch, especially Tenet!

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