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Richard Madden as Captain Weir 2 episodes, 2012
George MacKay as Private Douglas 1 episode, 2012
Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Wraysford 2 episodes, 2012
Clémence Poésy as Isabelle 2 episodes, 2012
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huskydog101 9 / 10

Like the novel this is one to melt into

I will begin by saying that I am a fan of the novel and that I entered into this adaptation with some trepidation. I need not have. It's not the same as the novel, as no TV/adaptation ever is, but it is true to it. It's true to the feel more so than sticking religiously to the story. Without giving too much away the scenes set in 1910 are thick and heavy with meaning and heat and sexual frustration. They're meant to be slow, lazy, decadent days; they are the kind of days you want to sink your teeth into. The colours are lush and rich. They contrast beautifully with the war scenes, with their bleached, washed out palette. This is an unfamiliar and alien land but visually it has it's own striking features. The first days of the Somme, the battle we're leading up to, were fought in heat and dust and dirt. The rain and the mud came later.

The main characters are not meant to be likable. They begin as self focused, blinkered lovers and end as broken and damaged souls. Their self obsession runs deep, they hurt those around them and they leave little left of one another. Both actors portray this well. They're short on time to go from strangers to obsessive lovers, not a problem the novel has, but the glances are weighty and they're both rather wonderful to look at, like the well bred, out of control aristocrats they portray, all lips, eyes and cheekbones.

It's slow, it's interwoven and it involves a certain amount of accepting that love, war and sex can lead to all sorts of madness but if you let yourself melt into it I don't think you'll be sorry. If you then read the novel you'll be less sorry still.

Reviewed by TexasRedge 9 / 10

Outstanding Gets my vote for Best Movie of 2012

First let me say that there are not enough movies made about WWI. Thats a shame.

I didn't read the book, in fact I had never heard of this until one night in May of 2012, when I had promised to take my daughter to see "The Avengers" only to discover it was sold out when we got to the theater. We came back home and turned on the TV set and this movie was about to come on. Being a fan of WWI movies like "The Lost Battalion","Flyboys" and "The Trench", I thought that I'd give this movie a look.

I was so glad I watched this movie. I was glued to my TV for both nights that it was on. I found the story gripping and moving. I didn't want to get out of my chair (not even to go get a soda from the refrigerator). I found the cinematography to be absolutely beautiful. The battle scenes were very moving, I felt like I was down in that crawlspace with them. I know that most people will call this a love story, but I would call it a human story. Amazing Story about coming of age, falling in love and going to war. I cant praise this movie enough.

The acting is very well done, The Cinematography is amazing, the sets are very realistic, and the music score is good. I loved this movie. After watching a serious emotional movie like this, I wasn't in the mood to see cartoon-ish movie like "The Avengers" for a while.

I loved this movie I purchased a copy on DVD

Reviewed by imattheendofmytether 8 / 10

Very good for what they had to work with

Interesting backlash on this adaptation, this is the trouble when you try and put the subtlety of words in to pictures. I thought it was a great adaptation; I read the book and was pleased they got the main themes in (all bar the third storyline). I remember reading the book and not liking Stephen much and I didn't like him much here either and that continuity was pleasing. Yes some of it failed to get going, I thought the scene with the old lady and her daughter in the book was much more fraught and tense. But you know what, that was me reading into the work, you can't really do that when you are watching it. The graphics were a real weak link, the CGI battlefields were pitiful, lots of emotion as usual a distinct lack of blood or pain! With the centenary of the First World War coming up I can imagine they are holding some of their war cards close to their chest, but they could have put a little more effort into that. I enjoyed the acting and what they conveyed in a short space of time. I would have liked to have seen more character development of the soldiers, but hay we can't have everything. In all I thought it was a worthy piece of drama, and to all those who go on about the oral sex scene being unrealistic. Are you all experts in early 20th Century sexual practises?

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