Birth Rite


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 225

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Julie Strain as Ms. Carlson
Ronnie Gene Blevins as Paul Guilford
Laura Nativo as Erin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a77prettykitty 2 / 10

how much did it cost???

You can tell by the first five minutes that the movie is going to be hard to stomach...and its not because of gore! I think this movie cost 20 bucks to make! I've seen better acting at a middle school play. I really enjoy witchcraft movies, but this didn't even feel like a witchcraft movie. A lot of things are said that are not wrapped up and seem to just come out of nowhere. You leave the movie feeling like you know less than when you started. I usually tell people when I see a bad movie that it is worth seeing at least once, but i would never submit ANYONE to this. Look at its IMDb rating and trust the comments on this one, I think I would have rather been at the dentist. I don't like telling people my movie reviews because everyone likes different things. But i think it is safe to say that this is just awful movie making. Wanna see a good movie, go rent DEMON KNIGHT!!

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 2 / 10

Cheap, lame & very poor.

On her 18th birthday a handsome stranger reveals to Rebecca, an orphan, that she is in fact the daughter of a witch & warlock, etc, etc. The DVD cover has scream queens Julie Strain & Brinke Stevens names on it but they are mere cameos Natalie Sutherland does a reasonable job as Rebecca & takes her clothes off several times, one of the few highlights. For the girls Danny Wolske gets his pecs out, but sadly his acting ability is wooden at best. There are a few death scenes, the girl being sucked down the toilet being the best part of the movie. Otherwise, the little gore is very poor, as is the whole, stupid film.

Reviewed by dlmyst-29813 2 / 10

I want the hour and a half back of my life.

I knew something was wrong from the start with the bad acting and 80's style wanna be heroes. I should of turned it off at that time and watched something else. However, I was like let me give it a chance and see what happens 30 mins into the film. That was a mistake too since the movie kept on getting worse. All I kept thinking is wow they miss cast the main character and dam she's bad at acting. The other actors were overacting at best which made the film even worse. Don't watch this film and save yourself.

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