2015 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 1461

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Kad Merad as Patrice Olesky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charliep14 4 / 10

Another "not very funny" french comedy

It has been the theme of 2015: french comedies were not really funny. Which is an issue when you do a ... comedy.

The characters are stereotypes. I guess it helps the setup be camped faster and get into this "Visiteurs" type of time travel to 1986. However the movie never does anything with that time travel: 1986 is not used that much as a set up for jokes and the return to adolescence for the two star actors (well at least in France) never is utilized for good.

The movie clips along nicely, is never boring or long, but it's never really funny or interesting. A big PASS

Reviewed by Bantam 6 / 10

Light entertainment

As far as French cinema goes, it has it ups and downs. Not only in quality but in genre, too. This is light entertainment, palatable world- wide (not too many French references and such).

Two men, friends since school times, have a mid-live crisis and travel back into the 80' to relive the moments in life that shaped their future (and current situation). In the end they come to realize that things aren't that bad at all. So far, nothing new.

As far as acting and writing are concerned, it's a decent comedy without touching any tough topics. (If you want a better French flick, watch Intouchables (2011) ). And even though the movie does not re-invent anything, it has its moments, especially when the guys try to monetize on their knowledge of the future.

All in all a nice little flick that'll probably conjure a few smiles and giggles, but that's it. Good for a Sunday afternoon with the family.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Back to the Future or rather Freaky Cellar

Time travel comedies are not that easy to make. This does mention one of the most successful and entertaining one, that interestingly enough also is from France: The Visitors with Jean Reno. It became a series of movies, something that will not happen with this one. It's not that it is a bad movie, it's just not a really good one either.

The premise is pretty simple, the characters get introduced and it's a bit fish out of water. Except it's very predictable and you might have a hard time feeling sympathy for the characters. Maybe you won't at all, maybe just for a few scenes, where they really don't handle their situation well. Supposedly grown-ups but with major issues. There is material here, but it does get a bit buried. Still it's decent enough to entertain to a degree

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