Black Cat

1991 [CN]

Action / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 510

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 5 / 10

Asian people love killer chicks.

Stephen Shin's "Black Cat" is a watchable Hong Kong effort,but also a total rip-off of Luc Besson's "Nikita"(1989).So we have here a female killing machine(Jade Leung),who kills so many men that it has to be seen to be believed.Nice performance by Simon Yam(more known as a necrophiliac killer in "Dr Lamb")is another reason to see this movie.Check it out.

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 9 / 10

Hong Kong redux of "Nikita", but better.

Black Cat (1991) was an unofficial remake of the international French hit "Nikita". Unlike the first film, Black Cat has everything you thought Nikita had (hardcore violence and gritty realism). The film follows a young female drifter (Jade Leung) who gets into trouble whilst in Canada. She's deemed uncontrollable and unfit for society. After a speedy trial she's condemned for life. That's until a suave C.I.A. agent (Simon Yam) gives her a second chance at life, but with brutal consequences.

A dark and dreary film with no light at the end of the tunnel. Jade Leung (a former glamor model) is perfect as the Black Cat. A hit man who has no feelings or emotions, just a tool for the government. But like all machines they break down, will she give into her emotions or will she go through her missions like a good slave? Check out Black Cat!

Highly recommended.

Followed by Black Cat 2: The Assassination of Boris Yeltsin.

Reviewed by ebiros2 6 / 10

James Bond version of MK ULTRA

A Chinese girl who has chip implanted in her brain, and brain washed to be a perfect weapon finds herself loose in America. Much like in Rambo, she finds herself in lot of violent situation and trouble with the locals and the police, She gets picked up by the Chinese agency that did all this to her. She then continues her job as the perfect assassin, and a weapon of destruction.

When I first saw this movie in the '90s, the theme seemed too far fetched. The premise of the story was too far out there for me to relate to. This caused me to lose interest in the story. But now that we know that there really is a super soldier program like this called the MK ULTRA, and it's off shoot the Monarch project conducted by the US (secret) government, I now realize that this movie was actually 15 years ahead of its time.

Like in real life there is no spy like James Bond, who's so visible to the public, there is no super soldier like Hei Mao (Black Cat) in real life. So this movie is like a James Bond version of the MK ULTRA. Even the part that she has a "chip" implanted in her brain is like the real life MK ULTRA soldier Duncan O'Finion. I'd have to applaud the far reaching imagination of the script writers.

The movie is really vividly made with settings done like a real life MK ULTRA soldier might be in. Like she appears in the U.S. as a starters. The story could have taken place 100% in China or Hong Kong, but for some reason the writers chose "America" for the killings to take place. Her mode of operation, her relation to the agency that created her. The way the agency "calls" her to activate her, all are straight out of MK ULTRA.

Was all this a coincidence, or did the writers knew more than they are alluding to in this movie ? With the real life MK ULTRA soldiers coming out nowadays, the (Black) cat is out of the bag.

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