Black Christmas



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 24648

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Katie Cassidy as Kelli Presley
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Heather Fitzgerald
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P/S 7 / 25

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sassyklingon 8 / 10

Lighten up. This is a crazy horror film!

I feel like lots of people are quick to condemn any remake of a horror classic. Guess what? This does not destroy the original film. If anything, the 2006 version deserves credit for telling a brand new story and going all-out gory instead of being a shot-for-shot clone of the old film. The cast is great, the look of the film is beautiful, and some of the leaps that this story makes are just flat-out bonkers nutso crazy. Honestly, just put the original out of your mind and enjoy. Relax!

Reviewed by jess-gonz20 10 / 10

After the 2019 "Black Christmas", I appreciate this version.

Ok, so I came to review this version of Black Christmas, since the 2019 version was complete trash. This movie is such an underrated film, and definitely deserves more stars!! I've always enjoyed this version. If you want gore and violence, then this movie is for you! It's a good slasher film!

Reviewed by DylanCanonge 7 / 10

Once of the best slashers of the 2000s!

Black Christmas (2006) was the first of two remakes of Bob Clark's 1974 proto-slasher, this one directed by former X Files and Final Destination writer Glen Morgan. That it doesn't even come close to the original probably goes without saying... But I'm not sure why people hate it. The film is terribly effective and entertaining! The gore scenes are excellent. After that, it is true that the scenario is a bit stupid and predictable. And there is no political message, unlike the original or the version of 2019. But personally, I find like this Black Christmas one of the best slashers of the 2000s.

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