Black Magic

1975 [CHINESE]

Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 703

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 8 / 10

Good Movie

Black Magic is a Shaw Bros. film made back in 1975. Some think it is their first horror film but it is not. The movie is basically a modern story (modern of '75) of old Asian folklore. This movie spawned many films that were similar but none were quite on par with this. Usually, the others were far more violent and that is what they relied on. This movie didn't need to be gory in-order for it to be good.

The story is about a very selfish rich woman. She can have anything she wants. Anything except a certain man who wants nothing to do with her. So she goes and finds the help of a Black Magic Magician to put a love spell on him. The spell works until the mans wife and friends find the help of another magician to break the spell and kill the Black Magic Magician.

That is the storyline for the most part. You would have to watch the film because there is a lot more going on than just that.

This film is certainly not as violent as some of the Shaw Bros. films that I have seen, but, it is a nice change from all of their Martial Arts films, which are excellent as well. The story is well done and you actually start caring for some of the characters. So when bad things happen to them you start getting really frustrated.

For fans of Asian Cinema everywhere, this movie comes highly recommend from me and from many others. Check out the nice DVD that was released not to long ago, it's worth the money. 8/10

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

The film that ushered in a new wave of exploitative Hong Kong horror.

Ti Lung stars as construction worker Xu Nuo, who is the object of desire for his sexy millionaire boss Luo Yin (Ni Tien); however, despite the obvious attractions (horny woman hot for his body and bags of cash into the bargain), Xu Nuo remains faithful to his fiancé, teacher Quming (Lily Li)—at least until the desperate Luo visits evil sorcerer Sha Jianmai and pays him to whip her up a love potion...

Legendary Hong Kong martial arts studio Shaw Brothers had dabbled in supernatural horror before, producing spiritual romance movies, but it wasn't until 1975 that they started to embrace their trashier side, with Ho Meng Hua's Black Magic, a tale of evil sorcery and sex that introduced some of the more exploitative elements that would become staples of the genre in the years to come.

With Sha Jianmai's magic requiring such bizarre ingredients as a severed head, snake venom, a freshly exhumed corpse, rice that has been applied to a woman's vagina, severed fingers, centipedes, human breast milk, blood, hair and footprints trapped in mud, and the result of his spells being uncontrollable lust or sudden death, viewers can rest assured that this entertaining slice of wackiness delivers plenty of blood, gore, nudity and other assorted deviancy.

This being the first of its kind, it might not be quite as relentlessly nutzoid or as extreme as later, similarly themed films like Seeding of a Ghost, Corpse Mania or The Boxer's Omen, but it definitely has enough moments of madness to make it worthwhile, the action culminating with a particularly funny magical battle on a building site between Sha Jianmai and a benevolent magician, whose weapons include a skull emblazoned laser mirror, a shrunken head, and magical blue streaks of lightning.

Reviewed by phosone 8 / 10

Asian Horror/Drama -Gong Tau (1975)

As far as I know this is a shaw bros. film. You can see touches of what I like to call "shaw-gloss". If you have seen many shaw movies you know what I am talking about. Reguardless of what I guy above me said, I enjoyed this film. I found it compelling to be quite honest. The setting being a "modern" urban city and jungle. A morality play or soap if you will, with bits of horror/gore thrown in for good measure. Fans of Asian horror might want to give this a try. It is oldschool. This is not a martial arts film . In one movie you get Ti-lung, Lo-lieh, nudity, breast-milk, potions, human flesh, decapitation, cool cars, crazy colors, Ti-lung with shades, a warlock, the list goes on. I bought the 2002 celestial/image version DVD. Quality was great. Decent sound/subtitle options. Tons of trailers which we all love. Keep an open mind this is an older movie from another country. Try something different!

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