Black Mask 2: City of Masks

2002 [CN]

Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 3.6 10 1817

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Rob Van Dam as Claw
Andy On as Black Mask
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Manny-54 10 / 10

An unprecedented "masterpiece" and more than likely the most audacious comic book-like movie ever made.

This is no Batman, Spiderman, Sin City, Power Ranges, X-Men... this film's comic book-like effect is achieved by the inverted strategy of incorporating all the elements of a live-action into the codes of a typical comic book. Totally unprecedented mix of stylism!

What's the most fascinating that this film is using extremely subversive methods challenging the constraints of the movie (or genre) language and also our own reality by creating an artificiality in a futuristic multi-cultural highly advanced purely philosophical dimension that somehow represents the world of our wildest imagination, subconscious desires and illogical dreams, and de-facto reflecting our modern social thinking and time of the globalization... especially of the Asian and American cinema, the film is wittingly dealing with the mix of American (Californium, Iridium) and Asian (all the victims of this transformation) sensibilities and letting their main characters fighting for their own identity and searching for their own cultural roots. From this perspective the film is a pure philosophy encapsulated in a visual form contemplating the materialistic world we might be coming closer every day by our impulse for escaping from the reality... now be it the materialism in terms of the video games, computers, films or any other fascinations with the unknown that have no basis in the reality...

Why i used to call this an "unprecedented masterpiece"? Well, probably because this film clearly and perfectly meets all the criteria it has brought on itself (see above). This film practically reaches to such distant borders very few average moviegoers could even catch on to. To them the credit of a "masterpiece" is still just related to the sort of artistic "pretentiousness" (if you know what i mean) but in my mind this word's meaning is not as limited when considering the infinite possibilities of the film language.

Reviewed by crashman79 10 / 10

Unnecessary negativity towards an all-around good film

I don't understand why there are so many negative comments on this movie. Just watched the DVD last night, and in my opinion it was great. The effects were done nicely, the wire work is great, and Jet Li not reprising his role of the Black Mask is entirely forgivable. The only gripe I have really it took me some thought after watching the movie to figure out what animal Claw was bonded with.

Yes, it departs from the original's style, but aren't you getting tired of sequels that are just the same movie with different villians? That would kinda get like the Megaman (Rockman) video game series.... still entertaining but you've already seen it.

In all the movie was excellent, aside from the oh-so-slightly cheesy costumes when the animalists "turned" which for the most part aren't noticeable (slow-mo wasn't a good idea for a few scenes).

Those of you that are being so negative towards this movie, in my opinion, would have liked the flick a lot better if you hadn't seen the first, but I could be wrong.

Reviewed by jhs39 6 / 10

Better than expected

I had pretty much heard nothing good about Tsui Hark's English language sequel to the Jet Li vehicle Black Mask. That coupled with the fact that most of Tsui Hark's films since Chinese Feast have been disappointing and largely incoherent, there wasn't much reason for optimism. (I used to be a huge fan of Hark's films but I couldn't even sit through Legend of Zu). Black Mask 2 is a comic book flick that recalls, sometimes self-consciously, other bigger budget Hollywood flicks such as X-Men, Spiderman and The Crow. I don't see any reason why fans of the genre wouldn't enjoy this. It's very fast paced, genuinely goofy and mostly fun. It's even got a decent script, at least compared with the impossible to follow Time and Tide and Legend of Zu, which made me think Hark had completely lost any story-telling abilities he had once possessed. The wrestlers turning into monsters might make more sophisticated viewers wince, but this seems to be aimed at a solidly adolescent audience, and anyone who finds entertainment value in pro wrestling or in rubber monster fare like ULtraman or Power Rangers should get a huge kick out of this. Don't watch expecting a classic like Once Upon A Time IN China and you will likely have a good time.

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