Black Swan


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
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Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers / The Swan Queen
Sebastian Stan as Andrew / Suitor
Mila Kunis as Lily / The Black Swan
Vincent Cassel as Thomas Leroy / The Gentleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 10 / 10

A movie lesson about self-control! (no spoilers)

Black Swan was once again a movie I had on my 2011 Oscar highlights to watch and was also a movie I've looked forward to watching for quite some time. Black Swan is directed by Darren Aronofsky and tells the story of Nina a ballet dancer who tries to prepare as well as she can for an upcoming role while also fearing that she might go insane in the process.

This was a terrific movie with a very dramatic story and great suspense. The performances first, are all top notch especially from Natalie Portman who deservedly won the Oscar in 2011. The story is polarizing. On one hand we have the realistic approach with Nina and how she copes with the role she gets, but on the other hand we see a more imaginative world in the movie taking place inside Nina's head while she is going nuts due to her role. This two are perfectly tied into one another mainly by Darren's great direction. There are times when you as an audience feel like Nina not knowing when the reality and when the imagination end and when the other one begins. This makes for a very unpredictable story which kept me involved in the movie until it's very end. Talking about the end, it's very dramatic and the way it was done only with images made me feel so much for it's characters and that is something rare in a movie to make the audience feel emotions only through images without any dialogue whatsoever. The message this movie sends towards its audience is very simple and powerfull at the same time. What would you be capabale of doing in order to fulfil your deam? Would you be willing to let yourself changed into something ugly in order to acheieve that? Is your profession more important than your life? Would you be able to find the right balance between those two? The cinematography is extremely good in so many moments most of which are close-ups of Nina which makes the viewer more like her most of the time. The score although is more of a nonconformist score integrates very well within the movie and enhances it. The only gripes I might have with the movie is that at some points tries to transmit certain ideas that I for one did not saw them suited for this movie but overall there are a lot more other lesson to be learned from this movie along it's runtime. Another gripe I might have with the movie is that in the beginning Nina's hallucinations are somewhat random and it was hard for me to fandom what was that all about. Aside from that this movie is awesome and powerful and extremely emotional at times.

Overall: a great movie with great performances, great story, powerful moments and emotions but at times somewhat polarizing in it's message. 10/10

Reviewed by dick6756 9 / 10

Do you believe ballet can drive people crazy?

This movie is beyond my expectation. What I mean is, I believe those who love to watch exciting movie like Fast and Furious or Star Wars can enjoy watching it undoubtedly. Too often watching some movies received Academy Award nomination is a snooze fest, especially ones in which actors or actresses are free to demonstrate their acting skills. Black Swan, however, is not a tedious movie at all. Even if you are not interested in ballet, you still can have fun watching it because the movie puts less emphasis on ballet. And I want to suggest that those who don't like thriller and bloody movies should not watch it.

Well runs a saying that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Too often it takes great pains to pursuit and achieve perfection for a artist. This movie presents the process in which Natalie Portman, as a ballerina, wants to dance the Swan Lake to perfection and shoulders a great deal of responsibility and, of course, stress that eventually drives her crazy. At first, I regard the movie as a B movie or a cult because in many scenes some horrible objects or elements jump out at me out of the blue; Nevertheless, the psychological condition of the Nina as well as the lamentable yet reasonable ending appeals to me. After watching it, I still cannot distinguish reality from virtuality, just like another brilliant movie, Shutter Island, which put audience in Nina's place, experiencing paranoia and lunacy together with her. Choosing ballet, which seems a graceful performance, to be the theme for interpreting repression, thriller and crazy is a perfect idea for sure.

Reviewed by Mohamed Hesham 10 / 10

One of the Greatest movies I ever watched.

Darren Is my favorite director now. I saw mother and I saw the black swan poster and thought, lets see this one too. It is one of the best movies in my opinion. It is about growing up. That is what the movie is all about. Yet the experience of this little sentence is very big at the movie. Natalie was perfect. The ending scenes were just great. I would like to watch a movie like this every now and then.

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