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Top cast

Jessica Chastain as Charlotte Ormand 3 episodes, 2006
Stacy Keach as Capt. Benjamin Hornigold 3 episodes, 2006
Richard Chamberlain as Gov. Charles Eden 3 episodes, 2006
Rachel Ward as Sally Dunbar 3 episodes, 2006
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mooncaine-1 7 / 10

Angus is a right true pirate, in spite of the too-clean bodice-ripper settings

Pity the writers didn't crack a book; they mighta realized pirates don't hurl bombs, nor fire broadsides, at ships they wanted to take. You can't take cargo off a prize if she's sunk or burnt to the waterline.

Another historical gaffe: when Maynard arrives at New Providence, he looks askance at a hanging gibbet with a corpse. I don't think a British naval officer would have given such a thing a moment's attention, but rather would have noticed any lack of 'em, for it was the hanging corpses and piked heads about a town's gate that served as reassurance -- here, there is law and order. So Maynard's glance, if any, would have been an approving one.

I really like Blackbeard's accent in this. He even looks right (but way, way too clean).

Reviewed by mjbessette 5 / 10

Remake of Captain Blood 1935

I didn't realize until caught "Captain Blood" on TCM last night and found myself listening to the same exact lines. I thought to myself..I swear I saw this moving before in color;then I realized when I researched on IMDb that it was Black Beard I watched. I was disappointed that IMDb didn't point out it was a remake of Captain Blood. The writer's for Black Beard didn't go far for lines they literally took lines from the classic original "Captain Blood". Watch Captain Blood. What is wrong with this world. No imagination at all. Every movie you watch these days is a remake of an original. Sometimes that remake it over and over again. We really need to start giving credit where credit is due. Especially when these movies are being nominated for awards and the writers are copying them.

Reviewed by knight1192a 4 / 10

Should have been called The Hunt for Kidd's Treasure

I don't claim to be an expert on Blackbeard, in fact like many of us I really have just a basic understanding of who he was. Not a passing understanding mind you, that would be basically be knowing that he was a pirate and maybe knowing his real name was Edward Teach. A basic understanding would mean knowing the name of the ship he's associated with the most (Queen Anne's Revenge, which was a French ship he captured and renamed), he's associated with the then English colony of North Carolina among other places, that the governor of the colony of Virginia sent Maynard after him because the governor of NC was to friendly with him. Things of that nature.

Now knowing these things, when I saw ads for this movie I was eagerly anticipating this movie. I knew it wasn't going to stick strictly to the facts, what historical movie does? But I expected them to be much more of a guideline than what was presented. Yet for the most part the facts were thrown out the window to present us with a movie that should have been called "The Hunt for Kidd's Treasure." Because that's really what this movie was about, finding Captain Kidd's treasure.

In that they could have used practically any pirate to be alive at any point after Kidd's death. Not only that, they could have created a pirate or said forget the pirates and just use anyone wishing to find the treasure. For that matter they could have set it at just about any time after his death, even today. But by using Blackbeard they ensured there would be a built in audience.

As a movie by itself, if one heavily ignores the director and screenwriter playing fast and loose with history, it's mildly entertaining. The intrigue coming in two ways, firstly Blackbeard and Maynard's interaction in searching for the treasure together, secondly the corrupt governor of an apparent colony in the Caribbean as he looks to hide his truth from his adopted daughter and his citizens. Maynard apparently is sent to deal with Blackbeard by someone else entirely and essentially ends up shanghaied into the pirate's crew, where he hides his real nature, and rather successfully until the time comes for him to save some folks. Meanwhile, the governor and his essentially second in command have been working with pirates for a while now and are willing to team up with Blackbeard so as to get their share of his prizes. Unfortunately for them his adopted daughter falls for Maynard and becomes suspicious of what they are up too.

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