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Peter Keleghan as Bobby Stern
Kam Heskin as Cinder James
Fred Williamson as Tim Hastings
Saul Rubinek as Thomas

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

White on White

Blackjack casts Dolph Lundgren the best developed Swedish body since Ingemar Johanssen as a US Marshal doing a good turn protecting the family of a friend who owns a casino from some nasty Russian guys trying to muscle in. Quite a few bad guys go down Rambo style with Lundgren protecting Padraigin Murphy, but in the process during an explosion Lundgren develops a whiteout disorder.

He's finished as a marshal but bodyguard agency head Fred Williamson hires him to protect supermodel Kam Heskin who has a nasty drug habit to boot from a really vicious stalker who has lots of friends with guns to help him stalk. He learns about Lundgren's phobia and the dirty rat now dresses in formal white dress with a white cutaway. You'd think he was Fred Astaire.

A television pilot that didn't sell I guess the network folks thought that the phobia wouldn't generate that many interesting episodes. They were probably right. The always beautiful and attractive Kate Vernon is Lundgren's psychiatrist. She's always worth watching.

Lots of Rambo style action and why not as Lundgren got his first notice in a Rocky film.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

One of the worst films for both Lundgren and Woo

My God! I was hoping that this would turn out to be Lundgren's best film - turns out instead that it's his worst I've seen. John Woo makes a television movie and does it very badly. The pacing is non-existent, the movie packed with extraneous characters (like the young girl) and the whole thing feels like it's been patched together from four television episodes. I've never known a Woo film to drag or be incredibly boring until now.

Things look promising at the beginning with a house massacre, with Lundgren taking on a whole gang of bad guys in Woo's inimitably violent style. Sadly things descend into silliness when a trampoline comes into play. Then the action is over and done with, until a predictable but fun motorbike fight in the woods halfway through. The baddie turns out to be a single sniper, and the sight of Lundgren chasing a single villain just isn't a lot of fun. Quite boring, in fact.

Lundgren is terribly wooden, the supporting cast no better (although that French guy was kind of amusing). Even good old Fred Williamson is wasted in a role where he does little or nothing. The nonsensical plot lurches from one instance to another, only occasionally making sense as it goes along. The villain isn't big or clever, just irritating and whiny. The females look pretty but are pretty vapid. And talk about that anti-climatic ending. Oh yeah, and at the beginning Lundgren gets blinded by a flash grenade and develops a phobia of the colour white. Later on he has to fight in a milk factory. Bet you couldn't see that one coming, could you? A new career low for both Lundgren and Woo, abysmal stuff.

Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

That's a "Boo" from me

I really like John Woo movies. I don't like this one. Even if you consider the fact, that it was shot for TV, it doesn't make this better. And I can't/won't give him extra points, just for the fact that it is a John Woo flick. Lundgren has made some fun movies (and a great one as a boxer, you know which one I mean if you have seen it).

But that is not one of them. I could start with the clichés (be it action clichés in general or some Woo clichés in the mix). I could talk about the ham-acting (not that you would expect otherwise) ... or about the low profile story (if you dig deep enough you might find something of a story here ... somewhere).

Or I could just say, that the production values on this movie are really low! Again I know it's for TV, so how could someone expect more ... But why do it in the first place, if there is no way you can satisfy yourself or the audience with this film?! Simple: He needed the money and maybe had a deal, to make a TV movie before he could make another motion picture ... who knows? Last part is just me speculating without any facts to prove that.

Go watch the other John Woo movies instead!

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