Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story


Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 53

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Ashley Greene as Jenny Burke
David Arquette as Big Jack
James Madio as Marty Doyle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingshoopz 3 / 10

Missed the boat on a cool story

Ok, solid acting by a very nice cast. I was into it, this movie had real potential, except I'm so frustrated with the lead who in my opinion was miscast. First of all, he looks and plays like Jackie Ryan at his current age. This is supposed to be back when he was trying out for the Nets, therefore show me what these skills are for him to be there, don't insult the audience with some Disney TV show generic basketball scenes. Also wish there were more layers, charisma, etc. Think this was a big miss.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10

Heard of the Nets?

Jack Ryan is the best basketball player I never heard of. Based on a true story, Jack grew up in Brooklyn working construction with his dad. He had a lukewarm relationship with his father for many years as he considered basketball a sports for black people. The film included a music montage workout and the one on one battle.

The problem with the film is that Jack's life is about as boring as mine. They never concentrated on or really showed his antics except save for one spinning of a basketball.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by jimkhing 1 / 10

They actually made a basketball move without a single black man

Boring story, bad cinematography, bad acting and bland soundtrack.

I was 5minutes into the movie when i started to realize that i really wanted to turn off the movie, but than i realized that i didn't see a single black person in a basketball movie in the credits.

finishing the movie was one of the worst experiences ever. i honestly don't understand how this movie isn't rated even worse.

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