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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by buddypatrick 6 / 10

Killer lawn mower hey?

I can understand if people think this is a stupid film, or if it's forgettable, idiotic, whatever; but you have to admit that is has one pretty crazy plot. People are being gruesomely decapitated on a golf course by a evil killer lawn mower. Come again? Personally, I didn't find it bad – it's a comedy/horror and it doesn't necessary fail at that.

The movie isn't entirely hilarious, it isn't mind numbingly unfunny either, turn off your brain and you can have some cheesy, low budget 80's fun as it packs a few witty jokes, it's a great parody of Jaws and has fun deaths - saying that, a massive problem I had with the film was its constant resort to silliness which is what a lot of comedy/horror's do, still – you get over it because the movie is pretty fun.

For such a miniscule budget the movie is quite impressive and I kind of enjoyed it – it's crazy, stupid, and one of those movies you come across on the last existing VHS section in your video rental shop and discover some really obscure stuff. Other than everything I have written in this tiny review, there isn't that much else to it but that doesn't mean it's bad. The entire point of this film is to turn off your brain and enjoy a slasher where the villain is a killer lawn mower on a golf course; nothing more, nothing less. Have some self admitting, cheesy 80's fun.

Reviewed by Aaron1375 4 / 10

Not a parody, but more of a reenactment of "Jaws".

This movie is basically a parody of "Jaws". It took me a bit to get it, but once they strung up the lawn mower I finally got it. I realized they were doing "Jaws" before then, but not until that moment did I realize it was almost purely a "Jaws" parody. The problem, it takes itself a bit too seriously for a parody. That is why I say it is more of a reenactment where instead of an ocean they use a golf course, instead of a shark you have a lawn mower, and so on. For some scenes this works and I chuckled a couple of times, at other times there are long stretches of dialogue that just do not belong in a parody movie or a Troma movie for that matter. Still, this is a company known for its bad movies, and this one is better than a lot of the movies I have seen from them. I just wonder why they and Full Moon Entertainment have to always make horror comedy movies rather than straight horror. Seems to me a straight horror would be easier to make because lets face it most of the movies that come out of these two companies get really low scores. Though to be fair Full Moon has done a few straight horror movies in their day. I have never seen one from Troma. This one has its moments especially the scenes in the van where they were really spoofing "Jaws" in this case I think they just needed to make this one a bit funnier.

Reviewed by SykkBoy 4 / 10

Not Troma's Finest Hour

As a hardcore Troma fan, I must say this is one of the lesser works. This movie is truly got the Troma completist. There are some inspired moments and how can a fan of bad movies not enjoy the premise of a killer lawnmower?

I found this one quite dull in many scenes. I have no problems with low budget-no budget movies and bad acting is one thing I always look forward to from Troma movies. This had all of those which I enjoyed, but there was so much more they could do with this movie. One thing that can kill a great movie is too much dialog, and this movie has too many scenes of long dialog.

It's certainly not the worst of the bad movies, but it is a disappointment for the Troma team which I admire greatly.

Nice try, but let's see a couple sequels and see what we can do about the long dialog.

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