Bless This House


Comedy / Romance

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June Whitfield as Vera Baines
Wendy Richard as Carol
Harry Fielder as Man in Street
Sidney James as Sid Abbot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Nice if rather unexceptional spin off movie from the TV series

From what I have seen of the TV series, it is a very enjoyable one that is funny and relaxing to watch. This spin off movie is not too bad, but it is nothing exceptional.

The good things: It is nicely filmed, the cinematography is very nice and the scenery lush, and the music is beautiful, it has a nice whimsical feel to it. The costumes are also nice to look at, by today's standards perhaps the fashion may be outdated and perhaps naff but in a glorious way. The best thing though is the casting. Sidney James, who I have loved since the Carry On franchise(which I admit I still enjoy), is incomparable as Sid. He just has a warm and fun presence whenever he is on screen as the grouchy father, and it is this presence that saves the film. The remainder of the cast are good too, Sally Geeson is rather so-so in the acting department, though it was nice to see her in a bikini, but Peter Butterworth, Wendy Richard, Diana Coupland and June Whitfield are great value.

The not so good things: The film does feel a little too short, at only 85 or so minutes. If it was made 5 minutes longer, some scenes could have been expanded on. The script does have some funny exchanges such as "Has his steering gone?" "I don't know whether it is his steering, or him!", but some of the material doesn't quite make the most of the running time. The humour here is amusing but nothing quotable or side-splittingly funny, and there were times when the slapstick was a little too much.

Overall, not bad, but unexceptional. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

'70s time capsule

I came to this film as somebody who'd never watched an episode of the television series of which it's a spin off and I went away having enjoyed it. It's no classic, for sure, but it does prove to be a pacey, gag-packed and charming way to spend an hour and a half.

The film is, in essence, a time capsule of the early 1960s, with all the outrageous fashions you could wish for. Sid James plays himself as an irascible family man, forever at the mercy of his nagging wife, cute daughter Sally (sister of Judy) Geeson and cheeky son Robin Askwith (CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW CLEANER).

The loose plot sees popular comedy tag-team, Terry Scott and June Whitfield, moving in next door at which point all manner of over-the-garden-fence hijinks occur. There aren't really any stand-out gags to mention, but most of the cast are quite charming and there's plenty of mileage in the illegal-distillery antics in the garden shed.

With Gerald Thomas directing and Peter Rogers producing (not to mention Sid James starring) this feels very much like a late CARRY ON film, and it has an easygoing edge over some of the lacklustre entries in that series. Enjoyment also comes from nostalgia of the era, and in the excellent supporting cast (including Bill Maynard, Peter Butterworth, Patsy Rowlands, Marianne Stone and Frank Thornton).

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10

Oh Dear

I can't remember much about the original TV sitcom of BLESS THIS HOUSE except that it starred Sid James as a naughty man called Sid ( With the exception of Hammer's QUATERMASS 2 has there ever been anything James has appeared in where he doesn't play a character called Sid ? ) who's a very similar character he plays in all the CARRY ON movies and that the series was very popular at the time since it was broadcast after CORONATION STREET

This is a film version of the sit com and it's amazing how many successful ITV Brit coms were produced for cinema release : MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE , ON THE BUSES , LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR etc . Remembering very little about the show I don't know how it compares

Sid Abbot's son is getting married to Kate Baines the girl next door who's father works for the customs and excise , rather inconvient since Sid is brewing brandy in his garden shed .

The problem with the movie is the amount of farce and slapstick that comes into being with people having to hide under tables and getting involved in egg fights . It's all rather unsophisticated stuff and would probably have been quite dated by the time of its initial release . The early 70s fashion doesn't help either

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