Blind Man's Bluff

2005 [RUSSIAN]

Comedy / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 7435

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AndreiPavlov 9 / 10

"Blind Man's Bluff" is not an appropriate title

This movie is not a fictitious brainwash like "Reservoir Dogs" or "Pulp Fiction" (personally got nothing against both these entertaining titles but they are made for fun) - it's more like a history lesson, more like "Tora! Tora! Tora!". It would be so funny, if it were not so tragic. It is one of a very few modern Russian films, which deserve respect and consideration. Don't let the bloody scenes distract your attention from the essential ideas. "Nightmare, bloody festival, ridiculous mess-up..."? No way. It's our reality. Get a load, if you can carry.

A little boy's visit to the morgue and his father's words at the very beginning of the movie are priceless.

9 out of 10 easily (minus 1 point, because it's a very "national" experience, which, foreigners will not be able to grasp and evaluate properly). Thank you for attention.

Reviewed by burakovchik 9 / 10

Guy Ritchie's movie in Russian

The movie shows how modern authority figures gained their power and capital. A lot of them came from not so clean jobs and the movies shows details of that.

Two guys - Simon (Duzhev) and Sergey (Aleksey Panin) - are working for a local mobster (Mikhalkov) as negotiators (extortion specialists actually) and killers. They are not brain surgeons and are quick to pull out a gun, which always puts them in different awkward situations. Considering there are competitors such as crooked cop, local dumb criminals and other low-life element, Simon and Sergey are in for a fun ride... Expect lot of gunshots and a sea of blood.

The movie has gathered a great number of Russian cinema stars even in episodic roles (Andrey Panin is an architect, Andrey Krasko is an unlucky neighbor, Dmitriy Pevtzov is a drug-dealing lawyer, etc.), which makes the movie so much fun to watch. Under a virtuoso management of the director Aleksey Balaganov all characters are simply dumb and extremely standardized, which makes it look like a joke.

Just like Guy Ritchie's movies this one can not really be taken too seriously. On the other hand it's too much dark humor and too much blood to be considered a comedy.

Just keep in mind that it is a true biography of some today's Russian politicians. Perhaps, that will leave you thinking.

p.s. "The Russian Ethiopian" is absolutely hilarious!

Reviewed by summit3000 10 / 10

Here is something co clarify...

I've been reading the previous authors' comments... and couldn't but help laughing.

This movie was never intended to be serious. It is nothing more than a parody on all the previously shot Russian "gang" movies ("Bumer," "Brat," "Brigada," etc.) - same as the "Scary Movies" have always been made as parodies on everything else that the Hollywood had churned out around the same time. I am amazed that nobody seemed to catch that. And, oh yes, this is why the 50 liters of blood were absolutely necessary! Given this, the movie was fun. But it does NOT portray any reality. The kid-like looking criminals (especially the smaller one) do not even closely resemble the real "bratva," and 15 head shots in one day have never been a norm in Russia, not even in the early 90's. The mafia boss (Nikita Mikhalkov) in his maroon jacket is a perfect portrayal of the Russian anecdote character of "noviy russkiy," but you have to understand that it is not much more than a folklore character. Hardly any real "new russians" ever looked like that in reality.

Makovetskiy ("Koron") and his two gang-members (especially the dumb one) look absolutely nothing like a real hit-man gang. Sukachyov ("Brain") is completely overdoing his role of a "vor v zakone," so that, once again, the viewer does not forget that it is all a parody.

The "Doctor"'s drug-lab set-up in the beginning of the movie is a replica of a typical comic book-style "bad scientist" set-up.

I could go on... but I don't see the need. Just take this movie for what it is... and enjoy!

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