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Chuck Roberson as Fitzpatrick's Henchman
Alejandro Rey as Arthur Vincenti
Anne Seymour as Smitty
Brad Dexter as Detective Harrigan

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Reviewed by telegonus 8 / 10

Rock's Solid

This is a pleasant mystery thriller with some light comedic moments and as such is typical of a lot of movies made in the same period of the middle to late sixties, most with one word titles such as this one has. Partly inspired by the popularity of the stylish "Charade" of a few years earlier, and more obviously influenced by Hitchcock, this is a mixed group of films with often middle aged or lesser known actors in the lead. This one has a biggie: Rock Hudson. He plays a psychiatrist with the wonderfully slick, Hollywoodish name of Bartholomew Snow, who gets in trouble up to his ears and, more to the point, eyeballs, when one of his patients turns out to be a prominent scientist who's being trailed some rather unsavory characters.

Hudson's ably supported by the luscious Claudia Cardinale, and the two make a very attractive couple. Also good is the late Jack Warden in a key role, and Guy Stockwell as a man who stutters. There's really no need to go much further into the plot except to say if one is in the mood for stylish, anodyne entertainment, this is a good one to catch. It has good credentials, too: directed by Philip Dunne, from a Lucille Fletcher story, photographed by the legendary Joe MacDonald. Though not on the Hitchcock level, the movie exudes class. While I wouldn't call this a brilliant film, it never insult the viewer's intelligence.

Reviewed by drystyx 9 / 10

Forgotten movie with classic style

This was once a mainstay of top movies for TV, but has since become forgotten, a victim of being one of the better movies. The older movies shown now are picked by the same people who have money in new movies, so they won't show good competition. This one had Rock Hudson playing a likable psychiatrist who becomes involved in espionage, treating a man who is a high level security risk. He is taken to the location several times, always blindfolded, and later, he must retrace his steps when he realizes something has gone wrong. A beautiful girl also has an interest in finding this location, and she builds a relationship with Rock, who does a great acting job of a heterosexual. Lots of great action, some of it before it's time. When this film was made, textbooks still claimed that no alligator ever killed a human being. Alligators become a major force here. There are lots of interesting bits, especially with the transportation the pair use in the swamp, "Henry". Enjoyable, and has all the classic attributes great movies have, without a lot of fanfare and big all star cast (although there are a few fairly big names). Well directed, and lots of fun.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Kick in the right direction

Blindfold is a clever and entertaining film with an interesting moral to it about some folk's paranoid obsession with security. As lead Rock Hudson plays a psychiatrist he's in a perfect position to diagnose the problem. Can he find a cure though when security is compromised?

Hudson's practice includes some of New York's society bigwigs and he's quite the lady's man within that set. But one day he gets a call from a general in civilian attire played by Jack Warden who wants him to treat a former patient of his who is now a government scientist and who has had a nervous breakdown. But we can't let the Commies or anyone else know about it.

So Hudson is flown a couple hours to an old mansion where Alejandro Rey is being held and he does his psychiatrist thing and he's blindfolded as well. Two other people are concerned, Claudia Cardinale as Rey's sister who is telling the world about her brother's kidnapping and in point of fact he was. And there's the stuttering Guy Stockwell who convinces Hudson that Warden is a fake.

A great deal of the film is spent with poor Hudson trying to get answers to questions with no one 'authorized' to tell him. So who is real and who is fake, Warden or Stockwell? That you see the film for.

Blindfold is a delightful comedy and suspense film in the Hitchcock tradition. As is the mark of a good film, supporting the charming leads is a flawless cast of memorable performances. Besides those I've already mentioned there is Anne Seymour as Hudson's secretary, Brad Dexter as a thick as a brick NYPD detective, Vito Scotti and Angela Clarke as Cardinale and Rey's parents and a mule named Henry who gives the plot a kick in the right direction.

For fans of Rock Hudson and those who will be after seeing Blindfold.

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