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Gillian Barber as Therapist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jakeroo 9 / 10

Mature treatment of an adult theme!

Excellent movie; treats marital problems in an adult non-salacious way that is both informative and enlightening. The nudity reveals the beauty of the human body without being pornographic. Terence Stamp makes it all work. Both Sheffer and Lee do excellent jobs as well.

Reviewed by amy3-1 8 / 10

hate to say it

I agree with the poor plot device comments previously mentioned. But I think this movie is very important.

Now, I am quite OK with men, I am not a feminist, nor do I have any distaste for strong-willed or -minded men. But I think the movie is actually about the husband and about a common problem with men. Bliss presents the idea that very few western men allow the notion of a balanced male, taught in Eastern philosophies and faiths, anywhere near their minds. Stamps's character is presented as the balanced man, although almost ridiculously so.

Anyway, I think Bliss shows how a man can use his strength to be a more gentle, confident leader, who is even more sexually alluring and commanding, than a common American man. In the West, men have been programmed to away from their feminine side(read: communicator, appreciative of beauty, nurturer). I think this movie wants to say that men who understand it and embrace it can do amazing things and have a great effect on the people in their world, and on themselves. This is emphasized by the abusive father. He shows the worst extreme: if left to twist up on himself, a man can become a terrible thing.

And the extremity of Stamp's character is used to show how each man (ie, Craig) can pick and choose his own style. He doesn't have to be 'everything' like Stamp is, he can find his own way.

I know the landslide at the end seems strange and out of place, but, it shows how Craig's character's changes helped in his own life: it gave him the patience and confidence with which to wait for his wife, and the gentleness to forgive her and try again. I think we are supposed to guess that if he had not changed, and they had split up, that a reconciliation could not have happened.

I think in some ways the movie is great. Well, the story and theme are.

Reviewed by BillLamond 8 / 10

Finally, an intelligent movie about sex

If you tired of "hard-edged" action, booty call, and fake-it-till-you-make-it sex scenes, give yourself a real treat and see "Bliss." This is a movie that entertains and educates by taking on a subject about which most people are absolutely ignorant, i.e. real Eros. With a beautiful soundtrack, intelligent dialog and fine acting, "Bliss" challenges our notions of sexuality and requires audiences to think outside the box. Women will recognize this film as...ah, finally! A bonus - the information about Eros portrayed in the film is absolutely accurate. This film is fine entertainment and a crash course in what sex is really all about - getting more turned on and staying that way. This should be required viewing for adolescent male Americam film-makers of all ages.

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