Blithe Spirit


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1488

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Dan Stevens as Charles Condomine
Isla Fisher as Ruth Condomine
Leslie Mann as Elvira Condomine
Judi Dench as Madame Cecily Arcati
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gjp-66610 2 / 10

Ruin a classic

This version did not keep any of the coward humour or elegance his works were known for . I've seen various adaptations of this text but this went too far away from that

Reviewed by afroude-09619 4 / 10

Unworthy of Noel Coward or Judi Dench and not funny

The only levels on which this adaptation succeeds is that it opens the play up so it feels less theatrical. However the new script on retains only a scattering of the Noel Coward dialogue and the new stuff makes all the characters unlikable and tedious. They've even made Madame Arcati's character far less quirky and quite bland. Can't image who the makers think this will appeal to. Traditional Coward fans will hate it and it has nothing to recommend it to anyone else.

Reviewed by lmclean-68460 1 / 10


I love Noel Coward and Judi Dench and have found Dan Stevens appealing, so I rushed off to the drive-in to see the world premiere. It was bad. Both the stage and film versions I've seen of this before had me rolling in the aisles, but I laughed twice seeing this film. The pace was slow and Coward should be fast. They gave Judi Dench dreary lines and a dreary plotline. Why, when she's such a gifted comedian? I didn't appreciate the modern touches. The whole thing annoyed me no end. We watched the trailer for the old movie version and laughed more at it than at this whole movie. We plan to stream the old movie soon.

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