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based on novel or book biography los angeles, california rape hollywood

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Ana de Armas as Norma Jeane
Adrien Brody as The Playwright
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 5 / 10


What a truly disappointing film this is. It offers us a really slow, sterile and disjointed - almost episodic - depiction of just how Marilyn Monroe's life might have panned out. For a start, I couldn't decide whether Ana de Armas was really Lady Gaga or Scarlett Johansson (both of whom would have acquitted themselves better, I'd say) as she offers an admittedly intense, but remarkably uninvolved performance. We move along from chapter to chapter in her life hindered by some fairly weak and uninspiring dialogue and seriously intrusive scoring in what becomes an increasingly shallow and lacklustre fashion. The photography does try hard - it does offer us a sense of intimacy, but the whole thing is presented in such a stylised and un-natural manner that it is frequently difficult to tell whether she is/was a "real" woman. Her marriages are treated in an almost scant manner - and her relationship with JFK is reduced to something rather implausibly one-sided and sordid showing nothing of how their relationship might have come to be. It has no soul, this film. Aside from her glamour - which was, even then, hardly unique we are not really introduced to any of the nuances of her character, we are left guessing a lot of the time as to just how she did become such a superstar, and how she spiralled so inevitably into a maelstrom of booze and pills. It relies to a considerable extent on the viewer's existing knowledge of, and affection for, this flawed lady. Adrien Brody and Bobby Cannavale don't really have much chance to add anything as her husbands and the highly speculative relationship between her and Charlie Chaplin Jnr (Xavier Samuel) and his sexually ambiguous partner-in-crime Edward G Robinson Jr (Scoot McNairy) does suggest something of the rather profligate and debauched existence that some lived in Hollywood, but again their characters are also largely undercooked and again, we are largely left to use our own imagination. It is far, far too long and in a packed cinema, I could see people looking at the ceiling just once too often. Watchable, certainly, but a real missed opportunity to offer us something scintillating and tantalising about this most of iconic of women.

Reviewed by jnbonicar 9 / 10

Nightmarish and haunting

The film focuses on Marilyn Monroe's private/intimate nightmarish life (well, this was not even a life!). The result is beautiful, very haunting. Ana de Armas gives a phenomenal performance, wow !! Directing is very original and fresh, the camera, haunting music and editing become more and more crazy as Marilyn loses her head and sinks... Some scenes will make a lot of ink flow... The film is long but you don't feel length, I could have stayed in the theater watching one more hour. It's a subjective cinematic experience and that's the movie achievement. One can regret the film focuses only on Marilyn's torments and agony, and avoids key passages of her life, or strong decisions from her. But, with this film, you'll definitely be in Marilyn mind for two hours and a half.

Reviewed by becfordyce 4 / 10

A disgrace to her legacy.

This film has some wonderful technical achievements. The hair and makeup team should be commended for their incredible work.

The cinematography was spectacular.

The leads were magnificent... But the screenplay was appalling.

It is nothing new that Marilyn Monroe had a tragic life.

The script is based on essentially a fan fiction biography. There's some liberties taken and I feel it is done in extremely poor taste. This is a terrible way to introduce Marilyn Monroe to a younger generation as a biopic.

The talking fetus scene was where I officially checked out.

This screenplay is pretentious, and an insult to her legacy.

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