2012 [SWEDISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johan-364 1 / 10

Call the AAA, you got a wreck on your hands.

This is a catastrophe of a film. Whatever intentions the filmmakers had, the finished result is short of a disaster.

There is not a single moment where the viewer feels engaged or even invited into to this series of unrelated scenes.

The story, or whatever one might call the outline, is unclear and undeveloped. A dysfunctional family, a cold-hearted mother and three troubled sisters should be plenty to build a story around. But instead the plot is non-existing and the scenes depicted are merely topped one after the other without ANY sense of direction.

You know you've got a wreck on your hands when the audience starts to check their watches - ten minutes into the film!

Please inform this filmmaker that he needs to learn screen writing before taking on this type of demanding material.

Artistic experimentation is fine, only one needs to have a better understanding of the art of filmmaking before plummeting into such an adventure.

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