Blood Father


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 57192


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Erin Moriarty as Lydia
Mel Gibson as Link
Raoul Trujillo as The Cleaner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Gibson's best movie in years

BLOOD FATHER is an intense little action thriller that also happens to be Mel Gibson's best film as an actor since EDGE OF DARKNESS. The plot is nothing special and sees Gibson playing the usual eccentric hard-bitten type, living in a trailer and estranged from his family. His daughter's involvement with a gang of Mexican drug dealers sees her returning to him to ask from his help, and a chase scenario unfolds from there.

This film is well-shot throughout and efficiently low key. Instead of the fun but over the top mayhem of a JOHN WICK film, in which our protagonist bumps off hundreds of foes effortlessly, Gibson and co. just have five or six tough types ranged against them. The running time is short and the pace snappy, full of hard-bitten dialogue and decent performances from a supporting cast including Michael Parks, Diego Luna, William H. Macy, and Miguel Sandoval. Another treat is that Erin Moriarty isn't your stereotypical whining, bratty adolescent but instead an intelligent-thinking adult too. Gibson is on top form, as always, and the brief but violent bouts of action are expertly staged.

Reviewed by timbercrew-223-320228 7 / 10

The good old Mel !

I expected it to be a Mel Gibson driven movie with a simple story.

I also knew the director Richet is known for the qualities of his Mesrine Biopic, but still didn't await the same genre.

Blood Father is not a very serious movie trying to reflect reality to the bone, but an old school action movie with a fresh tight rhythm. Funny dialogues/moments and good performances from quite every actor. No waste of time here (maybe a bit too fast, especially the ending)

I loved it because it was entertaining from start to finish. Some would say it's an overly simplistic rehash of a story we've seen a hundred times. They wouldn't be far from the truth, but the film still is engaging if you let go of your High Concept expectations.

It respects its viewer in a way that makes me feel bad for liking these soulless blockbusters we're being fed these days.

The funny thing is that the movie deliberately reflects Mel's filmography and personal story in different ways without pushing it too far.

I went to see Mel Gibson again, and boy I did!

I need more Mel, g*ddammit!

Reviewed by TruthTwentyFour 7 / 10

Is this Mel's comeback?

Pretty fitting role for this man right? A recovering alcoholic... Pretty certain Mel was as drunk as a skunk when he committed career suicide lambasting Jewish people, and everything else under the sun. Fast forward a decade later, and I ask myself has he been humbled... Seen his evil ways and has now returned to us born again? In recovery? I don't know. What I do know is Mel Gibson has always owned anti-hero roles like this. He was good at them back then, and apparently a decade later he still is.

So... This film kicks ass. It has heart. It hits all of the right notes for a Father revenge flick, and his performance hits all of these notes way way better than a movie like Taken. This film is well worth a watch, and I can't decide whether I should feel guilty or happy about this.

I guess it all depends on whether this guy is still a jerk, or has woken the hell up. Ultimately though, what does it really matter? We have this thing in our society where celebrities have to be likable acceptable public figures, like politicians, or they're kicked to the curb. When really what does it matter? They're just actors doing a job. They could be a jerk and a great actor, or a saint and an awful actor. It really just relates to the caliber of their work, and I have to say, whether he is the former or the latter, he nailed this role like he did so often back in the day with other roles like this--back when everyone liked him.

Pretty good movie...

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