Blood Moon River



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miriam_praus 1 / 10


WOW that was really shiiiiiit -_- Nothing new , we all know these plots and if you are bored just do sth else. It's not worth it. Not even the naked skin.

Reviewed by tmccull52 1 / 10

Another Negative Number Review Winner

Let's start this review by relating what is good about this movie.

It's short.

Now, let's move on to what sucks about this movie.

The beginning, the middle, and the ending.

This movie centers around a group of friends that travel to a rural location to debunk stories and rumors that some sort of creature stalks the woods. Now, as is usually the case in these movies, when our intrepid band heads out to an area that they know next to nothing about, they bring no means to protect themselves except for a small cannister of pepper spray, and a baseball bat. Of course, there is no cell phone service, and the GPS units aren't working, but no one is particularly worried about this. Let's drink beer and play football! Sha, party, bro! Party in the woods!

If you're into naked women with numerous tattoos, this is the movie for you, by the way.

As is the usual formula for these films, our merry band of airheads runs into belligerent locals with guns. During this encounter, the hillbillies make the usual lewd, crude remarks about them wimmenfolk, and then leave after threatening our heroes, telling them to leave the area.

Of course, they don't.

After a series of events, our intrepid debunkers end up running pell mell through the woods in the dark, where they are picked off one by one. Eventually, we are treated to the real crux of the film.

The hillbillies kidnap women and sell them to human sex slavers. Yes. You see, SO many hot, sexy, nubile women come into the woods looking for the "monster" that the hillbillies earn a lucrative living by kidnapping and selling them. You guessed it; the hillbillies are the "monster". What a brilliant scheme!

We are then treated to the hillbillies with their captured prize, where we get to watch the most predictable, idiotic, over-the-top teasing and tormenting of the captives by the hillbillies.

The buyers show up early, and Papa Hillbilly tells his idiotic sons to feed and clean up the women that they plan to sell. Now, to Son # 1, "cleaning up and feeding" apparently meant rape, as he tries to rape one of the captives. While this is going on, one of the other captives manages to convince one of the other idiot son's that she "wants him really, really bad". This imbecile unties her and tries to mount her on a table... with a butcher knife less than three feet away. Of course, she stabs and kills him.

Son # 1 notices this, and shoots and kills the woman who killed his idiot brother. Now again, these hillbillies make a living by delivering women in good condition to white slavers, but have no compunctions about raping and killing the women that they're supposed to deliver. Mind you, this all happens after Papa Hillbilly warns his sons not to do anything stupid. Perhaps he should have specifically included raping and murdering their "product" as stupid behavior.

No one in this movie can act... at all. You could go pick 15 people at random off of the street and get better performances. The only redeeming aspect to this "film" is that it is only a little over an hour long.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10

Decent enough if slightly flawed effort

Heading out into the wilderness, a group of friends hoping to document their search for a legendary local creature for a reality show find their trip interrupted by a clan of backwoods hunters who kidnap and hold them hostage forcing the group to band together to get away from the deranged locals.

This one ended up being quite the enjoyable effort. Among it's better qualities is the rather fine atmosphere this creates out in the woods for their show. The found-footage aspect gives this a great setup to engage in plenty of moody and atmospheric takes on the location with the way it handles the isolation and darkness wich works rather nicely in providing plenty to like within here. There's some creepy ideas within the concept of the darkened woods and the sounds of inhuman growling appearing off in what seems like a few feet away, and as the night carries on there's plenty of chilling scenes as the group slowly realizes what's going on in the woods which gives way to a much darker reveal in the final half when it gets to the cause of what's going on. Those scenes in the shack contain quite a nice sense of terror with the whole group being held captive and tormented by the family with their antics being abbreviated yet still somewhat terrifying to get through which is all done through the found-footage aspect. As well, this one has some great stuff to enjoy with the scenes of the group being stalked in the woods, giving this somenice action with the way the creature begins hunting them down within the darkness of the woods and the chaos it causes as a result. As this one has some nice nudity thrown in as well, there's some rather enjoyable elements at play here as there were a few minor problems with it. The main issue at hand here is the story makes no sense at all as to how the footage was compiled since there's no survivors of the whole experience and the footage ends up with the villains seeing as they're the last ones standing. That leaves this with a huge gaping hole as to what was available in order to compile the finished film, and with the filmed footage coming from multiple sources, that does have plenty of issues here in that actual setup of the found-footage aspect. The other big issue with the film is the fact that the main animal attacks here are obscured by that format with the shaking camera-work completely obscuring the action by keeping it out-of-focus in all the chaos featured throughout everyone going into every state possible trying to figure out what's going on. There's nothing possible about how to tell what's going on that comes about here and it tends to ruin the creepiness of being attacked by a strange creature as you can't see the action at all which does lower this one since the entire sequence is carried out in this manner and it's the big centerpiece sequence in the film on top of that. These here are the film's minor drawbacks.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Full Nudity, Violence and a sex scene.

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