Blood Runs Cold



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fewsternoble 2 / 10

oh dear

This is my first review on here, i have seen many films over the years and quite often find myself coming on here before making the final decision on whether to watch a specific movie or not. Over the years there have been some appalling movies that have been marked way above their station, so i think it's time i had my say.

I watched this after seeing the couple of reviews on here, i sometimes wonder if i am watching the same film as previous reviewers, it was a reasonable effort, but even at 1hr 14mins it felt way too long and there was absolutely nothing new here, apart from the fact they tried to make it feel American for some reason.

The effects on the death scenes were OK, but the added touch of cold breath on a couple of scenes looked out of place as the effect seemed almost HD in quality, but the movie was of a lower resolution, hope that makes sense. Watch the movie and you will see what i mean.

2 stars may seem harsh, but i really felt as though i had wasted my time with this :(

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

A film of two halves

BLOOD RUNS COLD is an ultra low budget Swedish slasher flick, shot in English and made on an apparent budget of just $5000. That it looks as good as films made for ten or even a hundred times the budget is testament to the skill of the director and production team. Still, it's a pity that the quality of the writing doesn't match the quality of the film-making, as this turns out to be a predictable movie in the extreme in terms of its non-existent storyline.

It's also a film of two halves, with the first half by far the worst. Not much happens here, other than setting up an uninteresting heroine and various supporting characters who are little more than fodder for the killer. The good news is that things pick up - considerably - in the second half, which is a straightforward action-packed slasher flick with some remarkably gory death scenes and some fun stalk 'n' slash moments. The gore effects are very well done on the budget and the narrative as a whole is relatively enjoyable if you like slasher films. Just a shame that the first half was so slow.

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10


If you consider the budget, I should rate this higher (and you too). If it really was shot with only 5.000 dollars, than I salute you Mr. Director. Still it doesn't take away, that this tries to be something it cannot be fully. A slasher movie that makes even less sense than your average slasher movie. It's one thing to have no reception with your cell phone and another to have reception with it, but not really using it. You'll understand if you actually really watch this movie. I wouldn't recommend it though.

Of course Slasher fans do not mind and probably will not care (some of them that is), if there is a story (not really) or any sense in it all (even less than the story part and yes that is possible). The effects are not bad and you get to see some skin in it. Still as "exciting" as that is, it doesn't really lift this movie up (no pun intended).

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