Blood Tea and Red String


Animation / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by oOgiandujaOo_and_Eddy_Merckx 10 / 10

Delirious macabre. Film-making for the end of the world.

It's hard to describe the delirium of watching this movie, you get to see three albino mice in Elizabethan costumes playing gin rummy with blank cards whilst sipping blood tea. The clanking of porcelain cups and ticking of the clock makes for a frenzied enough soundtrack to push this reviewer over the edge all by itself. There is also a spider in this movie with the head of a Mrs Danvers who calmly mummifies the hummingbirds she catches in her web with red string. Another of the menagerie is a crow with a skeleton head. This is theatre of the macabre par excellence, and certainly would not suit all viewers.

There is a sense of messianism and deep longing in the white mice towards the doll of their affection which I found actually quite touching. This sense of the mystic is not to be found in similar stop motion features like Jan Svankmajer's Alice. I sometimes wonder if we, like the mice in the movie are simply child-like in our existence, fumbling for meaning, victims of an experience that we cannot possibly understand in the round.

The sense of composition in this work is so exquisite. Of course with a film that is almost a solo effort by Cegavske, and which took over a decade to complete, one would not expect anything else. But the devotion does shine through. You could take so many frames from this movie and hang them on the wall.

Reviewed by apsulute 10 / 10

An art film by its own rights

Je prie de différer mon ami...

Mrs. Cegavske clearly states in her commentary that she does not choose to *tell us* what her symbolism means! Thus leaving us to discover our own meaning... such is art. And this is at its core an art film via the medium of Stop Motion Animation.

She clearly had a demonstrable mastery over the personalities of her creatures, living and breathing life into them over the decade of animating their world. Some may lack even a soft focus to take it in whole-cloth... such is the curse of the soft machine in its unrefined state.

As far as comparing her work via other artistic films, this is a magnum opus that few modern Americans seem capable of anymore. I think M. Barney's Cremaster Cycle is of a similar scope although altogether a different beast. I think the CGI herd of consumer product tie-in driven pabulum can't hold a candle to this class of animated art. No fast food toys are promoting this feature!

I hope her next two films will come out in a shorter time frame while holding level with, if not building on, her obvious talents.

One thing I note is that she is a solo female filmmaker while most of the prior stop motion we have seen comes from the imaginations of men... an obvious point of departure and perspective in this film. Not since Lotte Reiniger's cut-outs have we seen this level of work on the silver screen from a female artist.

*Minor spoiler* For me the scene depicting the cats-cradle showcases how extraordinary this woman's technical skills are and in addition to the gravity defying scenes created by ONE set of hands! Mark Growden deserves his due in cross-defining the films tempo and tempest with his soundtrack.

This film takes its rightful place among true art-films, amazing but marginalized, particularly within the American marketplace choked blue by our cultural moneychangers!

Reviewed by Tanhausser_Gates 10 / 10

Delicattesen for the senses

Forget about the story.. This is for those who watch movies to gather sensations, feelings, emotions. If you are the kind that enjoys paying attention to the detail you will love this one, if you want easy entertainment try something else. There are no big laughs or dramatic scenes in this one, this is a movie about feelings and sensibility taken to the extreme. If you are a extremely sensible person you've got to see this one, it is for your kind! Most likely women are going to understand and enjoy this movie to its maximum for its a masterpiece of feminine expression and subtlety.

Just watched it on Sitges Fantastic Cinema Festival with an almost full audience on a weekday at 9:15.. Unbelievable!

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