Blood: The Last Vampire


Action / Animation / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 11719


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Steve Blum as S.P. #2
Yûki Kudô as Saya
Paul Carr as School Headmaster
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Reviewed by tunaspam 8 / 10

well done

This movie is wonderful. Even though it is short, it didn't really need anything else. Mamarou Oshii and his team did a wonderful job at simplifying a potentially aspiring story into great characters and great animation. At first i wondered why the film was so short but the more i thought about it the more it made sense. The film didn't really need any extra story to it. It fits nicely into the package it comes in. They paced it so well that it didn't seem like it needed anything more. The animation was very good as well, Oshii really knows how to use his animation to relate to people. His characters look like normal people, they (for the most part) act like normal people and they have a great deal of time and emotion put into them. His characters were also developed well. Some argue that there was not enough background story in the film but there really didn't need to be. It seems that, Oshii likes to put mystery around his characters. He doesn't give you every little bit of information on them he lets you wonder and examine them so that you can draw your own conclusions about who they are. I highly recommend this movie.

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

An impressive short anime film

Set in 1966 demonic creatures known as chiropterans, that look human till they change to a bat-like form, are hunted down by Saya, apparently a school aged girl, who works for two American handlers, David and Louis. After an introduction where she hunts down a target on an underground train Saya is given her next mission. She is to find and kill two chiropterans that are attacking people at the school on the American Yokota Air Base. Here she discovers the two creatures and manages to kill one; the other gets away and must be hunted down… to make matters worse she has to help protect the school nurse who witnessed these goings on and it emerges that there is a third creature there.

This short anime movie throws us straight into the action and deliberately doesn't explain everything that is going on. We are told that Saya is the 'only remaining original' but it isn't until almost the end that that it is revealed what she is. This serves to make her character more intriguing. The story is interesting and when the action occurs it is exciting and fairly bloody. The animation is good and has a suitably dark look; there are none of the cute characters often associated with anime. If there is a fault it is the way the ending implies an ongoing story and we don't get to see that. Overall I'd certainly recommend this… just be sure to make sure the subtitles are switched on; most of the dialogue is in English but a fair bit is in Japanese and on my DVD the subtitles didn't automatically play.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 8 / 10

I really like this!

Although I have to agree that this film was very short and rushed but honestly, you will love the action in this! If you are the person like myself who loves vampires, you would find it enjoyable and excited on what you want to happen next!

It can be creepy at times like for example, a person becomes a vampire but before they do,they talk quietly to themselves as if they were planning on how they will get their victims successfully. You really would get a lump in your throat!

I think Saya is so brave for putting up with these monsters and trying to save the world from them. She really is such a little warrior, I'm glad I got a chance to get go know her. I hope there's other good movies like this!

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