Blood Vessel



IMDb Rating 6 10 44

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Robert Taylor as Malone
Alyssa Sutherland as Jane Prescott
Nathan Phillips as Sinclair
Christopher Kirby as Jackson

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Reviewed by faust777 10 / 10

Every box ticked!

I had the chance to see BLOOD VESSEL at 2019's Monsterfest screening in Melbourne with cast and crew Q&A afterwards which was a pleasure to see director Justin Dix and crew showing just how much heart and love they have for genre content which shows in every frame of the film. Newcomers to genre film will be both entertained by the creepy premise, location and characters and amazed by some extremely cool visuals and practical make-up effects. I would have loved this film as a 15 year old newcomer to horror, but enjoyed it just as much now as a hardened 45 year old genre fan! Dix's influences and in particular homages to 70's and 80's action and horror film are very much on display here without blatently ripping off any one film, rather appearing as fun easter eggs for more seasoned horror veterans. As eluded to in the title of my review this film really does have something for everyone. An ensemble cast reminisent of films like THE THING or ALIENS, a fantastic mix of some old mythology with fresh new twists, excellent lighting, cinematography and score all topped off with genuinely exciting and gruesome special make-up effects. This film deserves to be seen by as many genre fans as possible and Dix and crew need to be offered some very high praise for going above and beyond with the concept of the film instead of just another tired exercise in 'slice'n'dice' slasher film territory as we've come to see in recent years time and again. Dix's background in prosthetics and practical make-up effects with his company Wicked of Oz studios in Melbourne, Australia obviously served the film well, showcasing loads of talent from Oz artists with some fantastic horror character work on display too! Atmospheric, creepy and jam packed with action and suprises. A horror fan's dream film. Dix's enthusiasm for the genre is helping to raise the bar for Australian horror. I'll be revisiting BLOOD VESSEL upon it's streaming and hard copy release.

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