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Robert Reed as Johnny Randall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThrownMuse 5 / 10

not as terrible as its rep

Entertaining take on "The Most Dangerous Game" featuring "teens" (you know, the kind in their late-20s), violence and a bit of gore. Apparently it was a feature on MST3K...but the movie isn't as terrible as that would suggest. It does feature some obnoxiously 50s dialogue, characters, and acting, but it also features some really fun stuff (like a teeny bopper girl that knows judo and flips a bad guy into a vat of acid...and we get to watch him decompose! how can you not love that?!). The dad from the Brady Bunch is in this, and is annoying as ever, and the plot gets a little too Scooby Doo in parts. But there are some fairly creepy scenes here. In fact, I enjoyed this much more than I probably should have. My rating: 5/10

Reviewed by lemon_magic 4 / 10

Even a mediocre potboiler remake of "The Most Dangerous Game" can be OK

To be honest, I've seen many worse movies than "Bloodlust", and many of those worse movies were big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. So I don't want to heap too much scorn on this low-budget remake of a far better film - it's a piece of film factory hackwork that was churned out to meet the demand for drive-in movie and 2nd feature 'product'. Within the confines of its ambitions, budget, and cast, it is an acceptable piece of product. And the central plot idea is strong enough that even a watered down version like this has a bit of dramatic tension and interest.

Nevertheless, some issues need to be addressed.

Number one, if Robert Reed wanted to be cast as the action hero lead, he needed to either lose 15 pounds, do some sit-ups,or wear a looser fitting shirt. He was sucking in his gut so hard every instant he was on camera that I was afraid he was going to keel over from 'corset girdle' syndrome.

Number two, Reed's character makes so many bad decisions in the course of this movie that it's really kind of funny. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE judgment call he makes - to land on the island, that the boat they land with will be safe, that their best bet is to return to the mansion, etc., is wrong. How did his character get to be Alpha Male of the group in the first place??

Number three, the hunter with the so-called 'Bloodlust' comes across as kind of a low-energy version of Victor Buono. When you think of deadly sociopath snipers-turned-man-hunters, you don't automatically come up with the image of Victor Buono, now, do you? I'll grant you that the actor does the mannerisms of a jaded epicurean quite well, but he (and the stage direction he is given) hardly has the presence or gravitas to dominate and intimidate four healthy young teenagers and two adults, etc. Which leads to:

Number four: At several points, our 'deadly hunter' (who is old, small, pale, flabby, and obviously sedentary) is all alone with four healthy, physically fit young adults (one of them a judo expert) and is armed with nothing but a crossbow or a revolver. And at least once, they have the drop on him. Seriously, why don't they jump him? Someone might get wounded, but this is far better than his stated alternative (ie, he'll kill them and mount them in his museum). I guess that his deadly 'sniper's eye' must have them intimidated or something.

Anyway, MST picked on the this movie, and had a lot of fun with it, but that's what they do. They could have a field day with a big loud dumb movie like "Armegeddeon", and a slight trifle like "Bloodlust" has no chance against their wonderful malice. "Bloodlust" isn't nearly as bad as most MST3K fare. On the other hand, you wouldn't waste your time with it if MST3K didn't cover it.

Go watch "Surviving the Game" with Rutger Hauer and Ice-T if you want to see a GOOD 'Most Dangerous Game' rip-off. Watch this one for the cheese value, or for the MST savaging.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 2 / 10

The Brady Bunch go hunting

  • While on vacation, two young couples decide to explore what they believe to be a deserted island. They soon run into Dr. Albert Balleau (Wilton Graff) who offers them the hospitality of his home - the only one on the island. Dr. Balleau's house is decorated with the trophies from his various hunting expeditions. It seems he imports game to the island. Now, Dr. Balleau is looking for even more cunning and dangerous game to hunt on his island. The young couples learn that they are to provide him with the hunting thrills he seeks.

  • Bloodlust! was a much better movie when it was known as The Most Dangerous Game (1932). That movie is far superior to Bloodlust! in every way. Take the casts as an example. The Most Dangerous Game featured Joel McCrea and the original scream queen, Fay Wray. The insane hunter was played to perfection by Leslie Banks. In contrast, Bloodlust! features Robert Reed in one of his early roles. If the big name "star" of your movie is the future dad from The Brady Bunch, then you really don't have much. The hunter is played by Graff as a Vincent Price wannabe. It's really pathetic.

  • Another comparison, Bloodlust! goes for the cheap thrills by showing various body parts being prepared to be mounted for his trophy room. There is nothing that looks remotely real in this scene. The Most Dangerous Game leaves these images up to the viewers imagination. And (especially true with low budgets) the imagination is capable of creating far more horrific images than can be created by using a cheap rubber foot.

  • If you find the concept of a nut-job hunting people as sport appealing, watch The Most Dangerous Game. The Alpha DVD has a great image and can be had for about $5. The video appears to have been "taken" from the much more expensive Criterion DVD.

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