Bloody Summer Camp



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horror summer camp

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Top cast

Dave Sheridan as Sheriff Wilmore
Felissa Rose as Michelle Crowell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by press8084 10 / 10

The next camp slasher classic!

Loved it All! Great cast- loved a few in particular! Felissa and Dave were great. Roger was classic. My fav character. This film gives you everything you'd want from a horror film- a camp slasher. Just enough comedy makes it even more fun! The deaths are awesome and loved the premise! Everything i hoped for and it fits right in with the burning- Friday the 13th- and sleepaway camp!! Thank you slasher 15 productions!

Reviewed by skinnerramone 7 / 10

Fun Low Budget Indie Horror Slasher

Bloody Summer Camp is a low budget independent horror movie, and I am rating/reviewing it accordingly. If low budget indie horror isn't your cup of tea, this movie isn't for you.

I enjoyed this movie. I watched the extended cut, which is longer than it needs to be, but it doesn't drag. The kills are fun and they look good. Some of the practical effects look awesome. It has a fun soundtrack. I really like Chanda Rawlings' character Kimberly and I'm happy to see she's in writer/director Dave Kerr's upcoming movie "Go Away", along with Michael McGlynn, who is over the top ridiculous as Roger in Bloody Summer Camp (in a good way, hit the bong before watching this movie). Gretchen Settle also shines in BSC in her role as Felicia.

Felissa Rose is a gem, as always. Dave Sheridan is hilarious, I love his character's dialogue and his delivery is always perfect. Dave Kerr's script has lots of laughs throughout.

Bloody Summer Camp is a step up from Dave Kerr's previous outings, Curse of the Slasher Nurse, and Return of the Slasher Nurse, and I'm excited to see what he has in store with "Go Away" in 2022.

Reviewed by amandawyatt-80493 7 / 10

Very good

Bloody Summer Camp was a very enjoyable slasher flick that had a lot of ups and a few downs. Honestly, I loved it but there is a few things that could be done to improve it. It is a very effective slasher that pays tribute to the slashers we all know and love but does struggle with finding it's own identity.

The acting in this one is solid but a little uneven. The leads are all perfectly cast and they all deliver great performances. The characters are cliched but the cast has great energy and do a fantastic job. With that being said, some of the performances were a little out of place. Dave Sheridan has proven time and time again that he can tackle serious roles but seeing him deliver the laughs here was a bit of a disappointment. I really enjoyed him so don't take it the wrong way but his character didn't really fit the film. Also, I would have made him deputy with Rick Jermain as the sheriff. If we were going to get a comedic performance from Sheridan I would have enjoyed seeing him in a Barney Fife performance even though it would have been out of place.

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