Blue Lagoon: The Awakening


Drama / Romance

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Denise Richards as Barbara Robinson
Brenton Thwaites as Dean McMullen
Jacob Artist as Stephen Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scottsp10 1 / 10

A Truly Horrible Movie!

This has to be one of the worst films I have seen in quite some time. I went into viewing it knowing it had nothing to do with the original. And that was fine because I was looking for a new movie or a re-imagining if you will. So, that is about the only positive thing I could say. At least it is original. But is so very bad. Where to begin? The script? The writers should never be allowed to pen a script again. The dialogue was so cheesy at times and laughable at other times when it supposed to be deep. Some of the back and forth between the leads will make you roll your eyes. Yes, it is that bad. And the actors do nothing to elevate the material. They are bad actors. I don't even know which one is worse. I realize they are generally unknown actors here in the States but I can guarantee that neither will come out of this being considered breakout stars. If you can get passed the writing and acting, let's discuss some of the ridiculous plot points.

The two are stuck on the island for two months or so yet the male character never grows a beard, moustache, or chest hair. How is that even possible? His hair doesn't even grow on his head. And the female remains completely smooth as well. Considering the time they are on the island and without the proper materials, this is just way too much for the audience to accept. Now, the two characters engage in a physical relationship and we find out that for the girl, it is her first time. Yet, the male had no clue. Really? Are we not even going to try and discuss how inane that is that he wouldn't know that he has just had sex with a virgin? Whatever. Beyond those things, we have the actual plot of the film. We go from one scene in which the female wants off the island to the very next scene where she is perfectly happy being alone with the male. This happens more than once during the movie. In fact, sometimes we go to a commercial with her in a panic and come back with everything seemingly better. Odd to say the least. When they are finally rescued (in a completely anti-climactic way), they return home and the movie takes an odd turn where both characters as cold towards one another and seem to forget all the bonding and changing they did on the island. This of course, remains the same until the final minute of the movie where they come back together and we are supposed to see just how in love they truly are. Again, whatever.

Take special notice of Denise Richards character for a specific point of bad writing meets bad acting as she plays the mother of the missing girl and beyond one failed crying scene, shows next to no realistic emotion over the fact that her daughter could be dead. Everything about this movie screams fake. It just seems to lack a decent plot, cohesive writing and structure, and expects the audience to just accept way too many things that are not consistent. A complete and total failure from start to finish.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

two models on a beach

Emma Robinson (Indiana Evans) is a popular sweet girl. Her partying friend Lizzie tries to push her to date the hot quarterback. Dean McMullen (Brenton Thwaites) is the angry school outcast. The class goes to Trinidad to do humanitarian work or more like a privileged Caribbean vacation. They go on a party yacht. The police breaks up the party. Emma falls off the boat. Dean jumps in after her. Dean cuts the line not wanting to get in trouble with the cops. They are lost in the ocean and lands on a desolate island.

Dean is a real jerk and a true idiot. He is a horrible character. He could be an interesting quiet introspective outcast. Instead, he is really annoying and fully deserves his outcast position. It doesn't help that he's the reason that they're stranded. He caused the whole thing. The movie needs him to save her to start their adventure. On the positive side, it's two beautiful people on a desert island. The time back home is actually more interesting and a bit more compelling. The last act has some good melodrama. Neither of the actors are terribly good although I can't blame anything on their performance. They did what the movie needs but nothing more.

Reviewed by elbeem2000-572-306300 1 / 10

This was NOT the Caribbean.

I am from the Caribbean - and a lot of the scenes of a "desert island" was full of baloney!! My friends and I laughed through this "hoot" of a movie all the way through!! Sooo many inconsistencies and fallacies: Drinking and eating the coconut, fully husked!! A dried coconut is hard to cut and eat! One cannot "pick" fully ripened bananas!! A FULL lagoon AND a waterfall - on a "desert" island!!! First of all, there were no mountains on the "desert island" to have waterfalls. A big black cat; these do not live on any of the Caribbean Islands. Sleeping ON coconut leaves - most uncomfortable!! The "police" had American accents - not Trinidadian accents! Man - wheel and come again!!

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