Blue Steel


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 12655

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Clancy Brown as Nick Mann
Jamie Lee Curtis as Megan Turner
Elizabeth Peña as Tracy Perez
Tom Sizemore as Wool Cap
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidholmesfr 6 / 10

An opportunity wasted

This film begins well enough, building to what looks like being a promising study of a psychopath pitted against a feisty, but vulnerable, policewoman. Drawing on fear as a driver of eroticism, the unlikely relationship between Curtis and Silver develops to the edge of what might have been a great film. But sadly, at the halfway point, the story becomes unbelievable as both characters undertake actions that render the plot risible.

Silver turns in an impressive performance as the deranged commodity trader and Curtis plays it adequately enough. But neither can do anything to save the plot line and the whole thing ends in a mess, with the hardware of weaponry taking over from the software of psychology that would have provided a far more intelligent film.

Reviewed by piscean_dreams 8 / 10

Jamie Lee at her best in this psychological cop flick!

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of Hollywood's more diverse actresses-- from being heralded the "Scream Queen" for such films as HALLOWEEN and THE FOG, to comedic genius in A FISH CALLED WANDA and TRUE LIES. Her portrayal of a rookie cop who becomes the target of an obsessed stalker (Ron Silver) after her first assignment on the force solidifies her acting abilities and film repertoire. Ron Silver plays the Wall-Street-broker-turned-psychopath flawlessly.

BLUE STEEL is a cop flick with a twist which, unlike many films in the genre, showcases a lead female's descent through the police force. Amir M. Mokri's encompassing and somber cinematography, Brad Fiedel's ambient and chilling musical score, and Kathryn Bigelow's cool, detached direction, combined with the excellent cast which also includes Louise Fletcher, Clancy Brown, and Elizabeth Peña, makes for a unique, entertaining, and esthetically pleasing film!

Reviewed by Chancery_Stone 10 / 10

an underrated gem

Blue Steel is not only a terrific movie but one of those cinematic rarities - cinema from a female viewpoint. By that I don't mean it's about babies and relationships, a common misconception of 'female viewpoint', but rather it's the experience of a male world from outside. In this film the men are the sex objects, and the aggression is female aggression. In fact one of the things this film studies is the different reactions the heroine experiences with regard to her actions just because she is female, cop or no, and is expected to act in specific ways. I think one of the reasons it is consistently overlooked is that male reviewers just don't get it and those who do don't like it. They don't like the way everything is turned upside down. Curtis isn't nurturing, she's not a victim, she doesn't fear her abusive father, she's attracted to a violent man but is equally callous about him when she realises what he is, she doesn't break down and try to change him, reform him, or marry him. Nor does she go in fear of him. Be brave gents and let the film talk to you without your cherished ideals of womanhood.

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