Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deltablues-06321 6 / 10

The Crazy Hazy Art World

This documentary is a real eye-opener for those unfamiliar with the ridiculous marketing of the art world occurring around the world. The documentary itself is well well done. It does what a documentary should, it teaches you something in depth about a topic. The use of humor was much appreciated because most of us do see the insanity of how egos and money proliferate in the art world (which actually takes away from the art itself). Watching Blurred Lines, you will see the shallowness of the art world, how quickly it all means absolutely nothing - how a piece of "art" can disappear along with the artist , and what a terrible waste of money that can be better used elsewhere in humanity.

The astronomical prices and lack of disclosure verges on illegal. In fact, in most other areas of consumerism, the marketing and selling practices of the products that go on today in the art world would be downright illegal anywhere else. I feel bad, in some respects for the artists. Then again, some contemporary artists are making a killing on selling their "art". But, really, these lucky few will be very, very few and far between. There's a lot of artists out there that never make it, and have amazing artistic talent.

For most of us, thankfully, we never will be a part of this shallow world (not the creation of art or the artist themselves, but the marketing world of art and turning art into a "Vogue" experience). For those participating in this world, its refreshing to hear them come forward - giving their honest and realistic first hand experiences admitting the shallowness & insanity that has come to be in the art world. Even they are dumbfounded, dare I say embarrassed, by the complete absurdity of it all.

If you are into art, this documentary may be very informative and eye-opening and I would encourage you to watch this. Otherwise, for people like me, it's a phony world, full of phony egos, full of money being wasted in order to feel "avant garde" (Hey Everyone! Look At Me!!!), & full of questionable "art". It's nice to know in my world, my peers, my business associates, I'll never have to deal with such a superficial and ridiculous phony environment to feel of value in life.

Reviewed by bettycjung 6 / 10

Art for Money's Sake

1/9/18. A decent inside look into the moneyed world of Art. It's ironic that the artists who create the works usually spend years in poverty, and some even a lifetime, but others manage to make lots of money off them. Yes, a whole industry devoted on monetizing creativity.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 3 / 10

One Trick Pony

On paper this seems like a good idea for a documentary. Unfortunately it's truly a one shot pony.

Eighty five minutes drumming the same story into our heads -- art is about money.

Wow. Some revelation.

And who cares? If super rich elitists who voted for Obama want to spend absurd sums of money on this stuff, let em.

The movie is boring by the time to you get thru the opening credits

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