Bob Fosse: It's Showtime!



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieman-227 4 / 10

Fosse deserved better

Having recently read the massive Bob Fosse biography, I was really looking forward to this doc. But it's disappointingly shallow and lacks the depth/breadth Fosse deserves. Also unfortunate is that the talking heads commenting on Fosse's life and career are Brits, most of whom are unknown to American audiences. I wish somebody else had made the film.

Reviewed by ingenuitypro 1 / 10

Who are these people?

What is the purpose of this film? Looking at the credits there was no one associated with Fosse. Who cares about these people's opinions of something that seems so remote to them? The British do a lot of things well, but why are they attempting to analyze a truly American choreographer when there are many people who have worked directly with Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, who know the real facts? The commentators kept saying "I think" and then make a general comment about Fosse not based on any fact. This is crazy.

Reviewed by cpaulcanaday 4 / 10

Who are these people??

The great thing about this documentary is seeing some of the archival footage. But then the commentators start commenting and I wondered, who the hell are these people? The first few people aren't even dancers! Just people with opinions. Why do I care about what these people think? Why should their perspectives matter to me? Then you see two choreographers and group of dancers talking and suddenly it's no longer about Bob Fosse but about what these dancers think. Well, ok, that's nice but why do I care??

Very frustrating. I gave up on it.

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