Bob Saget: That Ain't Right



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeffronthi 7 / 10

More Losers Just Wanting To Rag On Bob...

...because that was how it was for years. He was the butt of a lot of jokes after he took on America's Funniest Home Videos. His complete "world's greatest dad" persona, Full House, all of the sketchy and lame jokes he told. I got it. Some of you did not, however.

If you all missed the point that he was creating, quite brilliantly, I might add, a cult of Danny Tanner on purpose, I feel for ya. Every time this guy told one of his lame jokes, or would have to smile like a paralyzed idiot for the camera, I could see him laughing inside, as if he were thinking, "you f**king losers!" And when he'd have to pretend that cats attempting to flush toilets was the most hilarious thing he'd ever witnessed, I could have sworn he was thinking: "Run that clip of the toddler falling off the trampoline again."

Come on, people, lighten up. He had to deal with that crap for years. So, yes, I quite enjoyed seeing him lash out a bit and being ridiculous. I am sure he needed it. And for what it is worth, it wasn't that bad. He's no pro at stand-up, but he did a pretty solid job. It was funnier than not. And that is more than I can say for a Dane Cook.

I enjoyed it. I recommend it.

Reviewed by thatkid 10 / 10

typical saget

it's strange to me that i hear people saying stuff like "bob saget doesn't want to be seen as the full house guy so much that he forces cuss words out of his mouth and he should stick with the family entertainment" but as far as i can tell bob saget grew up cussing this much and he was putting a sock in it for the job of playing an unrealistic family in full house (unrealistic in part due to lack of cussing). that means that in his stand ups he is expressing himself as himself... also, bob saget's vulgarity is really not more obscene than George Carlin's who wrote in "brain droppings", "How about a tattoo of the Three Stooges peering into your ***hole?" and as far as stand ups go, this was not the best. it made me laugh quite a few times, about as much as an average George Carlin special but it was not as good as George Carlin's "you are all diseased" or something of that caliber. with the crude humor i was reminded of many gross conversations i have had and laughed about in real life and all that good stuff..

Reviewed by jts0405 7 / 10

Not the best Stand-Up every done, but not the worst either

I was told that Bob Saget was starting to become a very foul mouthed stand-up comic from a few of my friends so from then on I told myself that I need to find some of his raunchy stand-up. I am so use to seeing Saget perform as Danny Tanner on the hit family sitcom Full House, so when he came on stage and began to drop every other curse word out of his mouth I was strangely shocked. This really wasn't the funniest stand-up I have ever seen, mostly because Saget was just cursing to get that shock value out of the audience because they normally see him as a family genre actor. He did make me laugh a lot throughout the whole thing, but he really needs to add the curses and jokes in at the right time to make it more of a funnier routine. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised.

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