Bodies Bodies Bodies


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Top cast

Lee Pace as Greg
Pete Davidson as David
Myha'la Herrold as Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Calicodreamin 4 / 10

Scream for Gen Z

A modern horror of sorts, no scares and mild action. Mostly focused on trying to study the breakdown of people in the wake of suspicion. As I was looking for some good scares, I left feeling disappointed. I should have kept my old ass at home.

Reviewed by cadillac20 5 / 10

A Lot Less Clever Than It Thinks It Is

Part of me wants to rate this well for how good it is at touching on a lot of what Gen Z is today. A lot of me wants to give this a thumbs down for how completely unlikable the characters are, how overplayed the point is, and how predictable and dumb the whole movie ends up being.

I give it points for it's grounded approach. It advertises itself as a slasher, but it really ends up mostly being a deconstruction of these characters. Nothing over the top or typically slasher. Unfortunately, everyone here is a cliche. Mousy, quiet girl in the back. Recovering drug addict, the promiscuous one, the artist, the smart and serious one, the unapologetically obnoxious one. It's Gen Z paint by numbers. For their worth, the actors do a good job. They really channel the 'everything is a crises' vibe well. Unfortunately, in doing so, they're all pretty annoying. Even the most likable character ends up being disappointing.

The singular location is put to good use, but the movie goes through the rolodex of cliches to keep everyone there. Big storm, no working phones, power's gone. I can't tell if this part was In tribute to the genre or just lazy writing. And if you're expecting this to fulfill a slasher checklist, you can pull kills off the list. Like I said, this is grounded. Just about everything is tame and/or a post-kill discovery. Anyone going in for slasher thrills will be pretty disappointed.

Deciding whether you want to watch this movie or not essentially comes down to one question: how much do you really want to hang out with a bunch of partying gen z cliches?

Reviewed by loganschainker 6 / 10

Mixed Feelings

There are a lot things that I really like about Bodies Bodies Bodies. How it makes fun of Gen Z. Which is why all of the characters are intentionally obnoxious, as well as the great twist. My issues with it being that though the film is short, I started to loose interest. And the humor, which I'll admit I was laughing in any many scenes, there were points where I couldn't tell whether or not if it was trying to be funny. Overall, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a mixed bag.

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