Body Puzzle

1992 [ITALIAN]

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 760

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Tomas Arana as Michele Livet
Joanna Pacula as Tracy Grant

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Several puzzle-pieces missing in the script, but still a FUN 90's giallo!

There once was an era, approximately from the late 60's up until the early 80's, during which nearly every Italian director delivered his own personal giallo-movie and they featured the craziest plots and the most far-fetched red herrings. What great times they were! After this, however, the magnificent sub genre almost got extinct and there were only TWO directors that regularly attempted to breathe new life into the formula of mad black-gloved killers and sleaze-laden twists. Dario Argento is the king even to this day and the other one is Lamberto Bava, who was responsible for some truly underrated giallo-efforts like "Delirium: Photos of Gioia" and "You'll Die at Midnight". "Body Puzzle" is yet another criminally neglected film that features all the giallo's extraordinary trademarks, although that sadly also includes the major holes in the plot. "Body Puzzle" serves the absolute most implausible story I've ever beheld, but there are plenty of sadistic & gore-soaked murders on display and the absurd screenplay hints at some controversial topics like hidden homosexuality and schizophrenia. Lamberto Bava doesn't really bother to keep the killer's identity secret, as we immediately witness how a handsome young man brutally stabs an anonymous candy store owner to death. Several more grisly murders are committed before police inspector Michael discovers that the victims have one thing in common. They all received donor organs from a pianist who died in a motorcycle accident and the mysterious killer tries to puzzle him back together. The inspect is much quicker when it comes to falling in love with the deceased pianist's wife, played by Joanna Pacula. "Body Puzzle" completely stops to make sense halfway, but you've got to love Bava's enthusiast direction and his desperate efforts to maintain the suspense. The music and camera-work are more than adequate while the cast features some familiar faces. Giovanni Lombardo Radice briefly appears as the exaggeratedly gay acquaintance of both the killer and the dead pianist. Italian horror fans will certainly recognize him as the poor sucker who always dies sensationally ("Cannibal Ferox", "City of the Living Dead", "Cannibal Apocalypse"…).

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

a grisly tale with more than a few twists and killings

Very decent horror/thriller, not quite falling into the 'giallo' category as few of the classic ingredients are present, except perhaps plot holes and inefficient policemen, but let us not be churlish. This is a grisly tale with more than a few twists and killings. It is more what happens after the kills that is particularly grisly and then we have various bits being sent to the leading lady. Joanna Pacula plays throughout the movie a heroine in peril and pretty well too. Stylishinteriors at the start remind one of A Blade In The Dark and whilst this is not as consistent as that film it is nonetheless a decent ride.

Reviewed by suspiria10 7 / 10

S10 Reviews: Body Puzzle (1991)

A cop is investigating a weird series of murders that don't add up. Parts are being removed like trophies but not the same part. He races against the clock to save the next possible victim and solve the body puzzle.

'Body Puzzle' isn't a great movie by any stretch of the imagination but I didn't find it as bad as many reviewers suggest. It's not all that flashy as a Giallo or as well thought out but the acting isn't too horrid and the direction kept me zoned in. The plot is a bit far fetched but hey it's a slasher! What can you do? I give it a 3 of 5 for keeping me entertained and an interesting character or two.

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