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lake swamp monster

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Aldo Ray as Sheriff Neal Rydholm
Leo Gordon as Dr. John Warren
Gloria DeHaven as Ginny Glenn / Adrianna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavives 1 / 10

Wow....just WOW!!!

I first discovered this movie back in college in 1985. A bunch of friends and I were into bad movies. Well, BOG buries all the others. Yes, I know that Plan 9 from Outer Space is generally considered to be the worst, but believe me folks, BOG is worse. Here is why. Ed Wood didn't know any better. He really thought he was making good movies. He was using absolutely no- name actors (with the possible exception of Bela Lugosi) and was simply oblivious to how awful his films were.

The folks that made BOG should have known better! My God, this movie is awful. There is no indication that the film makers are trying to make a comedy here, and nearly every frame of the film begs the question of why someone along the way didn't say "Wait a minute folks...we really don't want to continue with this."

The acting is abysmal, the editing is ridiculous. An earlier reviewer mention the "shoddy use of freeze frame." No, this is just bad editing where the editor freezes the scene in preparation for the next edit. The problem here is that the splicing of the scenes was so poorly done that there is a longer than necessary pause before the next edit. Bad, just bad.

BOG also includes the absolute worst double-take in the history of film. When the Dr. (Marshall Thompson) is informed about the creature, he does an absurdly exaggerated head- rotating, eye-blinking double-take, that doesn't even rise to the believability of a Looney Tunes short.

Now having said all that, I can't encourage viewers enough to check out BOG. It has brought me hours of enjoyment and laughs, and of you are a bad film buff like me, BOG is a definite MUST-SEE!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Rural creature feature

BOG is another creature feature of the 1970s perhaps inspired by the success of THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. Once again the eerie wilds of Wisconsin are used to good effect in a story which is a little reminiscent of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in the tale of a swamp-creature stalking mankind. This film is bogged down by some cheesy tacked-on romantic sub-plots and a lot of over-emoting from the cast members. Old-timers like Aldo Ray, Marshall Thompson, and Leo Gordon all find themselves enmeshed in the predictable plotting which lacks the verve of something like KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS. The monster itself is little seen and much better use could have been made of the story's elements had the writer and director been so enthused. In the end, it's pure hokum.

Reviewed by admin-440 1 / 10

Additional location info

Some of the filming was also done in Lake Tomahawk Wisconsin.. specifically the old airport control tower which was used in exterior shots as the police station. There is also an aerial shot of downtown Minoqua (nearby Lake Tomahawk) in the opening sequence.This is currently enjoying something of a grassroots revival in Lake Tomahawk (July 2008) Legend has it that the cast and crew spent a significant amount of time imbibing at the local bars...Which might explain some of the acting. and Yes I can confirm that this is truly one of the worst movies ever made but totally brilliant because of it. With regards to the editing. It is so bad that I had originally thought it was the vintage vcr that it was playing on that was causing the tape to freeze but soon realized that it must be an "artsy" editing job.Reading the other comment about the editing I now realize that it is even worse than I had imagined which only adds to the aura of shoddiness and thus to it's unintentional brilliance

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