Boiling Point


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dromasca 9 / 10

a remarkable one shot take 'chef' movie

'Boiling Point', the second film by English director Philip Barantini will be, I think, one of the sensations of the cinematographic year 2021. It has been presented so far in only a few festivals and will meet with the broader public in cinema halls starting in October. There are in this film, bold in form and sensitive in content, the premises of a love story with the audiences.

'Boiling Point' is filmed in one shot take, i.e in a single long frame. This is not the first film to use this technique that requires intense training and formidable logistics. My experiences with movies like this are mixed. The film considered by many to be a masterpiece of the genre, Aleksandr Sokurov's 'Russian Ark' tired and annoyed me (I apologize to the fans of the director or the film for my blunt opinion). Even '1917' (which cheated a little with the technical process) did not excite me, I did not find the connection between story and technique except at the level of gimmick. On the other side, I was enthusiastic about 'Victoria' by the German director Sebastian Schipper, the description of a tumultuous Berlin night lived by a young Spanish immigrant. I gave it a rare 10/10 rating on IMDB. To a large extent, 'Boiling Point' comes close to this level, and it has helped me understand when one shot take filming works well for me. Life itself, as we live it, is a single take film or, if you will, a series with single-take episodes and sleep breaks. Realistic dramas that happen in real time and in one place or in places connected by the movements of the characters fit the formula perfectly. This is exactly the case with 'Boling Point', which takes place in the kitchen and dining room of a high-end restaurant. After watching for a few minutes the movements of the camera (handled by Matthew Lewis) the story and the characters absorbed me and I forgot (for a while at least) the technical aspects. This is the best sign of success.

Before becoming a director, Philip Barantini was an actor and ... a chef. His previous two professions helped him considerably and contributed to the quality of the film. The director knows perfectly the secrets of cuisine, the organisation of the kitchen and of the services in a good restaurant, and especially the people who work in these institutions at the top of the culinary industry and art. Understanding the environment and knowing the actors helped him select an excellent team, made up of mostly experienced actors, many with dozens of movies in their filmographies, who did not refuse to play supporting roles, some with short screen time, but all significant. Of course, Stephen Graham stands out in the role of Andy, the talented chef who faces during the 90 minutes of the film and of the events on the screen the tough problems in the restaurant and in his personal life. I have been following the evolution of Stephen Graham for some time and in my opinion he has now become one of the best actors in British cinema.

I hope that 'Boiling Point' will enjoy a good promotion. I believe that those who see it will enjoy an original cinematic work, which adds a new dimension to the restaurants and chefs films genre. It may also be that the customer experience and appreciation of the staff when they dine next time at such a top restaurant will be different as well.

Reviewed by eelen-seth 9 / 10

Top notch!!

#BoilingPoint takes you on an immersive tension filled evening in front and behind the scenes of a busy five star restaurant. Performances are top notch in this incredible documentary style filmed one shot experience. One of 2021's most compelling films.

Reviewed by FilmFlowCritics 8 / 10

Gordon Ramsay meets "Uncut Gems"

One take movies have been around for a while and while "Birdman" snuggles in a few cuts and therefore cant be considered a one take movie, "Boiling Point" is literally a 90in play, more like "Victoria", which is a much longer movie though.

The coordinations and technical difficulties that come with it are handled very well and Stephen Graham is undoubtably the only star in this movie, BUT you dont feel this, as he is supported by a brilliant cast. Especially Vinette Robinson is stunning with her facial expressions of all possible emotions you can feel in such a high pressured environment.

The only "downside" of this movie is, that it can seem a little bit "too much" at times, like all stereotypes of people that work in this industry suddenly came all together and work in this one restaurant in London, which was exactly the point I think, but it takes a little bit of the realism away at times.

The "Chekovs gun" is a bit to much on the nose and you see it coming from a mile away, but still the conclusion and execution of it was handled brilliantly!

The amount of comic relief is just the right dose and its combined with a stunning dramatic performance by Stephen Graham, so you feel like you have a perfectly spiced dish on your plate!

I'm keen to see what Philip Barantini has on his menu next!

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