Boogie Boy


Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 644

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Jaimz Woolvett as Larry Storey
James Lew as Jason
Joan Jett as Jerk
Emily Lloyd as Hester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edsel-2 10 / 10

Mark Dacascos gives his strongest acting performance ever.

BOOGIE BOY is an engrossing character study that is gritty, realistic yet stylish, very well acted, written and directed. It's possible that some people will buy or rent this movie looking for non-stop action, and perhaps they will be disappointed. However, for those who simply are looking to watch a quality film with a good story and interesting characters, this film is a must see. Mark Dacascos gives his strongest acting performance ever.

Reviewed by bayou52 9 / 10

A pleasant surprise.

I gave this movie a 9 relative to the genre into which it falls rather than in comparisons to movies in general. I am a writer and currently viewing "gay themed" movies as research for a novel I'm working on. I have to disagree with "Moviemkr" on all counts. As a "storymkr" it was the tale itself that appealed to me the most. As far as story and plot (writer's vernacular much misused and misunderstood) I thought it had plenty of both. It was a neat little story of two men attempting to recapture love which started under artificial circumstances (prison) each having undergone changes since separating, that make an already improbable reunion impossible. It was well paced and without unnecessary artifact (even the violent scenes were muted with most of the gore off camera) and came to a satisfying climax and resolution. Nothing profound here but good tight story telling with few goofs. There is even a smattering of redemption and the gay twist makes this story stand out among others of it's kind. I thought the acting was right on. Dracascos and Wolvett portrayed well the hopeless, violent, volatile and desperate nature of life drenched in illegal drug dealing and addiction. Wolvett was particularly convincing as the drug addicted Larry going through bouts of withdrawal when a fix wasn't apparent. That the two men loved each other was obvious (their downplayed but touchingly familiar displays of physical affection true to character) but, sadly, so was the unlikelihood of the reunion each had hoped for--and no doubt dreamed of.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Too low rent to care

BOOGIE BOY is a very low rent thriller and another example of Mark Dacascos and his lack of discernment when it comes to choosing the right material. It's a film that never really gets off the ground despite the violence inherent in the premise and the regular scenes of brutality and conflict that make up the narrative. Dacascos plays a guy fresh out of prison who falls in with some old gang members and a femme fatale, only for things to go very bad indeed. Dacascos himself is fine in the role and British actress Emily Lloyd isn't bad in an against-type part, but when the writing and direction are this poor you'll struggle to sit through it.

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