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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BlackJack_88 1 / 10

Ignore the positive reviews. You know where they are from !

This is a dud. Why every [email protected] from tamil cinema end up in Netflix.

Firstly what does Aishwarya Rajesh in the poster dressed up in leaves has to do with this film. The title role is for someone else. Aishwarya rajesh acted terribly in a support role in this film. Showing her in the poster was pure marketing gimmick.

Direction was as amateurish as it can be. Actors were so pathetic that they simply either over act or fail miserably.

The cinematographer was so pathetic that even during a power cut scene in the film the background sparkles by white light. The brilliant DOP even captured the white light source in a frame.

Music is another annoying aspect of this already pathetic film. The Composer started the music in the 1st frame and never ended even during the end credits.

The story is trash. Usual horror elements/plot/backstory format. The director in-between tries to push some information into our mind but due to lacklustre screenplay we are unable to tolerate even a single scene.

Reviewed by spath-27182 1 / 10

Horror Comedy

All these 10 stars reviews are paid or self review. One of the worst movie i have ever seen.

Hindi dubbing is worst. Storyline is very very bad. Acting is low scale.

Reviewed by nishkh 1 / 10

Pure garbage with plenty of overacting.

Not really a horror movie. Every single character in this movie is annoying and over acts, especially the main guy and his sister. This makes it very difficult to enjoy the movie. You can watch it for the beautiful scenery at the beginning, but don't bother after that.

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