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Danny Trejo as Paco
Lorenzo Lamas as Danny Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

He got away.

Danny Jackson (Lorenzo Lamas) is a fighter down on his luck fighting an exhibition match. He checks into a local motel. The clerk is a fan, but doesn't recognize him, even when he signs his name. His son (Connor Pryce), training to be a boxer, gets kidnapped for the child sex slave market. Danny Trejo has a minor role as the "Huggy Bear" bar owner informer. Jackson and his side kick fight to get his son back.

Lozenzo does not go Liam Neeson or Walking Tall as much as I would have liked. The fighting is a bit watered down but it is there. The title comes from the fact they cross a border and there is a cross there as Danny gets his faith back. Slightly pun-ish. They slip in a come to Jesus moment at the end, although the "J" word is carefully omitted.

Guide: Use of "S" word. Otherwise no swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by gennymikel 1 / 10

Some beginner actors and writers do better.

I've done some film work myself and I can tell weak, reading off of the script, ahem, "my character says this" acting from being into it and committed to the character. The boy is unconvincing and wooden and the fight scenes look like a class in acting school. When the lead actor fights the bald guy he stands like he is waiting patiently to be punched. I'm glad I got it from red Box because in the theater it would have been time to go get coffee. If you like student level film, it might be for you.

Reviewed by larrys3 2 / 10

Not Worthy of Your Time

Sorry to say, but this film is about as lame as they come, as it contains loads of wooden and stilted dialogue and acting.

Lorenzo Lamas stars as Danny "Boy" Jackson, a veteran and popular boxer who's never had a shot at the title. Now, he's scheduled to meet the champ but all purses will go to charity, so it's more for honor than anything else.

However soon after arriving at his motel, his 14-year-old son Jamie is kidnapped and taken hostage. Danny will learn the kidnappers are human traffickers and that he'll have to act quickly to save his son. Thus, the remainder of the movie will involve Danny frantically trying to locate and recover Jamie.

If you're looking for a lot of Danny Trejo, who's featured on the DVD jacket, he's only in a few scenes in a backup role. To note, there were no subtitles on my DVD copy, but I was able to access them on my closed captions in my remote.

Overall, I just found this film to be below B-movie quality and I would say it's probably not worthy of your time.

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