Born in Flames


Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 1161

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Kathryn Bigelow as Newspaper Editor
Mark Boone Junior as Man on Subway
Ron Vawter as FBI Agent
Eric Bogosian as CBS Technician
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by litlcreaux 10 / 10

An important movie for all women to see

Not only have I had the luck to see this movie, I had the privilege of receiving it from "Honey" one of the lead actors. This movie is so important as it brings to life the struggle of not only women who were active in the 70's, but that the issues they brought forth still continue. If one thinks we have come a long way in overcoming gender discrimination, then take a fresh look at this film. I particularly appreciate the feminist analysis that seems to be missing today from women's activism and politics. Every activist ought to view and take heed of this movies message. This film parallels much of the social climate women endure today. It reminds one of the radical ideas that fired the women's movement and how they might be reignited in todays world.It is timeless, yet carries the rawness of movies made in the 70's. I highly recommend this film.

Reviewed by hampuseurenius 1 / 10

incoherent film about militant female terrorists

I'm surprised that so many people like this film. I found it boring, weird and incoherent. I assume that the filmmaker's goal was to attract a female feminist audience. Important questions of womens rights are brought up for discussion. But the incoherence of the narrative and the low quality of the cinematography, sound and acting only makes it a pain to watch. So therefore I don't want to recommend it to anyone. I can understand that some people find this film interesting because they are interested in the questions that it deals with. Questions of equal rights for women and homosexuals are very important to talk about. They were hot issues back in 1983 and they are still important. But I think that many people mix up what is interesting politically and what is a good film. This is definitely not a good film.

Reviewed by thesnowleopard 10 / 10

One very strange movie... [possible spoilers]

I remember seeing this about twenty years ago in the basement of a public library, if you can believe it. It was part of some local film festival. I guess it must have just come out. I also remember watching some flick from the same festival that consisted of a woman's self-made porn flick hacked up, dipped in acid, burned, etc. And then she strung together all of the surviving strips and that was her film. Don't recall the name of that one; it was pretty forgettable aside from the porn and filmstrip-hacking aspect. This movie is not forgettable, thought it is really, really strange. Set in the near future, it centers around a young, black, lesbian blue collar activist who goes off to Libya, meets with some socialist sisters, comes back with her political conscience raised even higher, gets arrested on some spurious minor charge and dies mysteriously in jail. Her death sparks a women's revolution that turns the city (don't recall if they named it) upside down. There's a squad of whistle-blowing women on bicycles who hunt down rapists and scare them off their victims. There's a funky black woman DJ who narrates the action like a sports announcer as things heat up. This film is really, really bizarre. And yet, it's a whole lot of fun. This is what science fiction really should be about--not laser pistols, and ridiculously expensive special effects, but stories that pick you up, turn you upside down and give you are good, hard shake.

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