Borrowed Hearts


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 2067

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Barbara Gordon as Bridget
Roma Downey as Kathleen Russell
Eric McCormack as Sam Field
Hector Elizondo as Javier Del Campo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonJack 6 / 10

Far-fetched but fairly entertaining holiday fare

This movie is among the modern group of holiday films produced for viewing especially over Christmas time. Gift giving, Christmas trees and a Christmas theme in general provide the setting for these films. Otherwise, most could be set at any time in which they would be part of the genre of melodrama, soap operas or just "feel-good" movies.

"Borrowed Hearts" is somewhat entertaining – mostly for watching the characters unfold, especially Roma Downey as Kathleen and Sarah Fruitman as Zoey. Others have noted the formulaic nature of the film, and so, the ease of guessing its outcome. It is mildly interesting from the somewhat unusual plot ploy. But, that also is the quirkiness that makes it far-fetched. References to angels, faith or fantasy are not what make this film far- fetched. It's the plot of this young mother and daughter as the make- believe family of the male lead. Eric McCormack plays that role of Sam Field well. Most of the cast are quite good. But, the redemption of the hero doesn't play out very believably.

To be a good film in this growing holiday genre, "Borrowed Hearts" would need some screenplay revisions and better fleshing out of the main male character and his background. As it is, there are too many disjoiners. Still, it's mildly enjoyable for a one-time viewing. It's certainly not a film I would want for annual Christmas time replays.

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 7 / 10

Corporate exec needs a wife to finalize a deal

When a businessman decides to move the shop to Mexico for an improvement in profits he must impress the buyer with, not only the price, but with his image as a solid family man. The problem is he's a swinging bachelor. A plot is hatched to hire a woman and her child to pose as the spouse and offspring of the executive in order to push through he deal. After the "wife" moves in everything moves along smoothly for awhile but eventually begins to unravel. A christmas angel in disguise is present to soften the businessman's uncaring heart. Good holiday film.

Reviewed by lisafordeay 7 / 10

Cute made for TV film

Roma Downey from Touched By An Angel teams up with Eric McCormack from Will & Grace star in this cute romantic film about a single mother(Downey)who has a little girl named Zoey who spots a mysterious house that belongs to Kathleen(Downey's)character's boss Sam (played by Eric McCormack)who is expecting a visitor(played by Princess Diaires Hector Elizondo) who thinks that Sam is a married father. So he asks Kathleen and Zoey to pretend to be his wife and daughter for 2 weeks in order for the deal to work. But with romance on the cards can Kathleen and Sam ever get together?

I thought it was a nice film especially the little child actress as Zoey she was adorable. The romance between McCormack and Downey was cute and the film itself is very heartwarming. Overall if you loved While You were Sleeping,The Proposal,Maid In Manhattan than you will enjoy this film.


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