Bottle Monster


Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 350

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Bob Clendenin as Exterminator
Willie Aames as George
Wayne Wilderson as Exterminator
Claudia Wells as Eleanor Key
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1 / 10

A Scam

The people behind Bottle Monster think that having the bad reviews for their personal flop of a movie removed will help them to sell it, but no, it's still an awful film. You see the tale of Bottle Monster is 2 stories, one the actual film, an alcoholic woman and her son rent a house with bugs, and two, how a woman lacking any talent at writing or directing a movie , cobbled together a film with no budget, no real actors and her family in many roles in front of and behind the camera. Understanding the movie is low-tier, she then decides to market it as highly anticipated and floods the internet with fake praise and 10 star reviews, all the while attacking her critics and doing her best to delete the criticism. Unfortunately reviews online for Bottle Monster tell another story, the truth, Bottle Monster is a mess , a new lower level in amateur film-making. I am the most prolific reviewer listed now after the people behind this garbage film had 3 or 4 others deleted and she's had mine deleted 3 times before. The trailer for this film does more harm than any bad review ever will. Watch it and weep.

Reviewed by thehorrorguy2010 8 / 10

The monster is a real creature - throwback to 50s flicks

Ok, I watch a lot of horror films and this may not be for everyone. I liked it because it wasn't your typical "ghost in the house" flick. It was kind of a throwback to those 50s films where real, huge animals came after people. The creature is a whip scorpion and these things were just in the news as "terrorizing" a town in Texas. Google them - they are creepy.

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1 / 10

It Sucks Royally nd Heres Why


Stop giving them money for these films. As well as action movies. Let them stick to the chick flick dramas on Lifetime.

This movie is one big train wreck. It's poorly written, really poorly direced and the acting is dismal. It's like local acting class acting.

Plus the little boy looks like a girl. A fat girl. AND he has a speech impediment in addition to not being able to read his lines without stumbling. She couldn't cast a kid who could act?

The ending is actually laughable. Like a belly laugh it's so bad.

Whomever puts money up for films like this, puh-leeze stop virtue signalling and wasting it on female directors.

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