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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Kelly Macdonald as Merida
Billy Connolly as Fergus
Emma Thompson as Elinor
Julie Walters as The Witch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HenbaineAccount2 5 / 10

Brave the bad reviews- it's worth your time!

Despite many negative views, I decided to watch this movie, mainly due to boredom but also I do love all things Celtic and mythical.I won't go into as much detail as I have with some reviews but just highlight the good, bad and in-between points as I saw them

Firstly, the good: The animation is gorgeous as is the music. I love the backdrop and can related to the freedom of climbing cliffs and standing under waterfalls etc as I have done these things and felt incredible.As someone who loves nature and freedom I felt the main character Merida was not so unbelievable. I actually can relate well to the strenuous relationship she has with her mother and her father being stuck in the middle keeping the peace. The story line starts off very well and has a nice heartwarming and resolved if not predictable ending.There is a good sense of myth, moral and culture which is rare in movies these days. The story is simple but quite clever in a way that everything does still link nicely together if you really look at the imagery. I understand the original title was not "Brave" but "The Bear and the Bow" which is more what it says on the tin but hey. There IS bravery, physical bravery in tackling ones enemies in combat-but also the emotional-to face your own misgivings and admit you are wrong, to be willing to change your close and comfortable outlook on life and take risks,and to always stand up for what you believe in no matter what. Shame some people seemed to have missed this point.

The not so good:

I felt the story line was too predictable (good for kids maybe but adults will guess it almost from the off) and things just fall into place too easily,even the end "battle" is resolved far too quickly & easily. Also, sadly as time advance it becomes a little too silly & gimmicky in parts (Did we really need the naughty siblings- and did we REALLY need them becoming bears!?)or the stock neurotic overweight maid and clumsy,easily swayed but well meaning side characters? Shame because while bringing some comedic relief,all were quite forgettable and served as a tired cliché this movie could have soared without.

It lacks the epic standing the trailers promised. Also, the men are depicted as blundering fools with no looks, sense,or charisma, the ladies- yep, the opposite.(However- it was refreshing to see this in a way as many animations have shown women as weak and feeble totally relying on men and princes- Merida not only does not rely on her version of Mr charming-she shuns the very notion of losing her freedom!)

SO,to sum up- Slightly lacking substance but still a very good family movie.Aesthetically striking,nice and light hearted but with some more moving lesson on attitudes and the value of your friends and loved ones.

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 / 10


A true best of both worlds for classic Disney and classic Pixar fans. It had already been many years since the acquisition, but for me this was the first time Disney's buyout felt like a positive direction for the animation pioneers. Filled with possibly Pixar's most attractive environments, character designs (Side note: Merida has my favorite character design of any animated human character. I mean seriously her hair alone is a thing of beauty.), and easily its best score, the studio does a deft send up of classic princess movies while instilling the pure feeling of magic they are known for though Scotland's rich Celtic lore and cryptic mysticism. Brave is a criminally underrated installment in the Pixar cannon that I hope grows in stature over the years. If Wreck It Ralph is Disney doing Pixar, Brave is Pixar doing Disney.

Reviewed by bcmantonya 3 / 10

Mess of an idea

I remember the trailers for this movie. It looked like the story of a girl bucking all the traditional customs and stereotypes by saying no to pre-arranged marriage, not being prim and proper, as well as being different from everyone else is beautiful. What it turned out to be was a mess of a fight between the girl and her mom with some bizarre magic thrown in. This came so far out of left field that the movie was probably 2/3 over before I understood what the actual storyline was. I didn't like this direction, it felt like they took a character who could have been strong and confident in herself right from the beginning, and turned her into a whiny, teenage brat. I didn't think the connection between mother and daughter was heartfelt or genuine at all. The connection to her father was at least believable in that he had old school beliefs versus her brat whining. The twins were annoying. And the animation was... Lost in all the bizarreness in the story. Plus it seemed like it was someone's goal to make as many different body shapes as possible and that put me off too. I've only watched this once, will never again and I have never shown it to my kids.

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