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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
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Kurt Russell as Jeff Taylor
Kathleen Quinlan as Amy Taylor
J.T. Walsh as Red Barr
M.C. Gainey as Earl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scottishwhiskey 9 / 10

Kurt Russell at his best

Every time Kurt Russell is in something you can always rely on a solid film. And once again in Breakdown you will not be disappointed. A solid cast with great directing makes this a must see. A great thriller that keeps you second guessing until the end which I love. Russell always puts in the full 100 percent and it shows here again. Why can't actors do what he does like this anymore. Good performances all around make this a tight entertaining watch that you will feel you have not wasted your almost 2 hours. A fast paced thriller that hits the mark at every turn. See this one and you will see how the 90s had great suspenseful films lacking today.

Reviewed by monacoforeverr 10 / 10

Extremely good and underrated!!! A must for any action/thriller fan!!

This film is really cool. Basically, a man and wife are travelling and fall victim to some very shady people in a cat and mouse game. As the film progresses, we get plenty of things you would expect if you were in this position yourself, like the people at the diner, and the involvement of the police, who politely inform you that they can't help any further after not much has been done. The scene in the police station where Jeffrey is looking at all the missing people made me wonder: 'how many of these people were involved with the trucker?'.

He involves the police but as I say they can't really do much, but he's not really all that concerned with those who suspect he's lying; he's concerned with the people who know he's telling the truth!!

The film also gives you the kind of scenes you need in order to stay interested and 'into it' so to speak, there are great plot twists here and there accompanied by some great acting and very fine action sequences. The scene in the truck with the great M.C Gainey's dialogue about how dumb Jeffrey is raises a lot of questions. The scene in the barn near the end is a real eye opener, when you see all the license plates and items of clothing and so on in boxes hidden in the top of the barn, whose are those? Also when Billy talks briefly about 'that couple in Ohio'. Have they done this thing a lot before?

Truly great film all around, you never get bored and you can rarely guess what will happen next! I must also compliment J.T. Walsh for giving a great performance as Red Barr, and Rex Linn for his great cameo as the police officer. You know how sometimes you start playing with your phone or keep looking at your watch? Oh no, not this time pal! Great acting, great action, great plot, I'm loving it!! 10/10

Reviewed by seymourblack-1 8 / 10

A Great Set-Up & A Pay-Off That Doesn't Disappoint

Too often, movies that start with an intriguing set-up disappoint when it gets to the pay-off as they either simply drift into sheer absurdity or else provide an explanation that lacks any kind of credibility. To its great credit, "Breakdown" doesn't fall into this trap as its set-up provides the introduction to an extremely entertaining action thriller that's full of twists, mystery and suspense. This is an unpretentious film that because of the strength of its plot, some good acting performances and a few well orchestrated action sequences, easily keeps its audience fully engrossed from start to finish.

Jeff Taylor (Kurt Russell) and his wife Amy (Kathleen Quinlan) are a middle class couple from Boston who are on a cross country journey to a new life in San Diego when they have the misfortune to break down on a desert road far from anywhere. Fortuitously, help soon arrives in the form of an affable looking truck driver called Red Barr (J T Walsh) who offers them a lift to a diner some miles down the road. Amy readily accepts this offer so that she can phone for help but Jeff decides to stay with their vehicle which is a very new looking red Jeep Cherokee.

After a little time has elapsed, Jeff discovers that the cause of the breakdown was some disconnected wires that are hanging loose below the front of the car. He easily reconnects them and then travels on to the diner where he makes enquiries about his wife. The disinterested and rather unfriendly locals say they haven't seen Amy or Red.

A little while later, Jeff catches up with Red's rig and gets him to stop but to his amazement, Red denies knowing him or Amy. Jeff then waves down a passing sheriff called Boyd (Rex Linn) and explains what's happened but after making a few checks and talking to the very plausible Red, Boyd is unable to help any further and suggests that Jeff should visit his deputy to report his wife missing. Jeff follows Boyd's advice but this turns out to be just the start of his long and very dangerous search for his missing wife.

As the audience sees the unfolding events through Jeff's eyes, it makes his frustration, anger and fear very real and it also becomes impossible not to empathise with the terrifying predicament that he's in. There's also an ominous sense of paranoia that develops as the universal lack of concern or help that he receives starts to make his experience appear to be part of a conspiracy and leads one to question how close the links are between Red, Boyd and the unsympathetic people at the diner. When the story moves beyond this point, the reality of what's happening soon becomes horrifyingly clear.

Kurt Russell very convincingly conveys the mixture of emotions that Jeff goes through during what can only be described as a nightmare scenario and also remains credible as he tackles the various challenges that he encounters. The supporting cast is also very good with J T Walsh and M C Gainey providing the strongest contributions. Kathleen Quinlan does well in her role but has little opportunity to show the extent of her talent due to the limited amount of screen time that she's given.

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