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Connie Britton as Lisa Larson
Jeffrey Donovan as Major Riddick
Nicole Beharie as Estel Valerie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AfricanBro 5 / 10

That's it?

It's hard to call a movie based on a true story uninspiring or flat out boring because it's a depiction of the actual events and if it's dramatized it moves towards fiction, away from the truth. But this really was not interesting, and the worst part is John Boyega put out what is probably his best performance yet, and in one of his last performances before his passing, Michael Kenneth Williams also did his character justice... but the story just wasn't good enough. You're thrown into the middle of the plot and without any character development, expected to somehow care about the character. It's a heartbreaking story sure, but it's not captivating enough and pretty predictable especially since you hear all throughout the movie how exactly it's going to end, repeated over and over. Three movies premiered tonight and I couldn't watch all of them 'cause of the timings so I opted for this, and after nearly two hours I regret it; somebody loudly sighed "that's it?" when the credits rolled and the whole theatre mumbled in agreement. It was a realistic take on true events, but it lacked any suspense or thrill to keep you interested, no matter how sad the situation the marine war vet was in. It's sad an important message won't get the delivery it deserves. Also, John Boyega gave me Denzel Washington vibes in this.

Reviewed by msbreviews 5 / 10

892 boasts a heartbreaking, shocking story based on true events, but it's a viewing most people won't repeat.

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"892 boasts a heartbreaking, shocking story based on true events, proving that real life is so incomprehensible that viewers can no longer distinguish reality from fiction.

John Boyega offers one of his best interpretations ever, giving a genuinely transformative display packed with palpable emotion. Michael K. Williams (last performance) and Nicole Beharie are also outstanding.

Unfortunately, the one-location narrative doesn't hold enough suspense and tension to keep the audience fully captivated during the whole runtime. Even without knowing the outcome beforehand, the build-up to the predictable conclusion - beautifully executed - lacks interesting plot points and impactful character development.

Still shocking, but a viewing most people won't repeat."

Rating: C+

Reviewed by dan_slentz 4 / 10

"History Channel movie/documentary".. NOT Theater-type Motion Picture.

Reel Tunez Movie Review (8/28/22): "Breaking"

This movie is about a veteran who is seriously wronged by the V. A. Administration and takes matters into his own hands. It's based on a true story.

First the acting was VERY good.. and John Boyege (playing the lead role as Brian Brown-Easley) does a phenomenal job acting the role. His "hostages", played by Nicole Beharie and Selenis Leyva, do an incredible job acting as well. But with that said, it's teased as a "Modern-Day Dog Day Afternoon".. and THAT it's not. It's a sad story of how we treat veterans (full disclosure, I'm former Air Force), and a sadder story of post-traumatic stress and its affect on our military.

The problem with this movie is it feels a lot more like a documentary with little "augmentation" to make it "movie material". It's pretty cut & dry.. though certain tragic and sad. Pacing is slow, and the telling of this story feels very incomplete. Outside of WHY Brian Brown-Easley did what he did, the back-story is barely touched upon.

I don't consider it a good movie, but I do think it's an important story to know. It also should instill in all of us the need to MAKE politicians do the right thing and SUPPORT our veterans to thank them for their service (especially those who saw fighting or affected by their service).

On a 1-10 scale, I'd give the movie a 4.2 (thought the importance of knowing the story a 9). I give the story the 4.2 because the acting was excellent, but the movie incomplete and slow. At a "History Channel" program, I'd have given it a 8.5 for realism and telling the story, but as a "go-to-the-movies motion picture", sorry.. no way.

This MOVIE has higher (10 out of 10??? WTH?!!) reviews on IMDB, but I believe it's because the STORY of what happened is important.. not because the movie was good.

Watch it on a small screen when it comes out for free.. not because the movie was good, but because the story should be told.

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