Breaking and Entering


Crime / Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

overloaded to the point of collapse

Will Francis (Jude Law) opens a new architecture office in the transitioning London neighborhood Kings Cross. He and his girlfriend Liv (Robin Wright Penn) are growing distant and her autistic daughter Bea is one of the reasons. Meanwhile Amira (Juliette Binoche) is worried about her son Miro (Rafi Gavron) slipping into criminal activity. They're from Bosnia and his father was killed during the war. Miro is teamed up with his cousin Zoran (Ed Westwick) in the family crime business. They break into Will's office to steal computers. Miro steals the valuable miniatures for his own artistic work and is given Will's personal computer as a reward. They rob the place a second time and Will's partner Sandy (Martin Freeman) almost runs into them. Detective Bruno Fella (Ray Winstone) investigates. Will and Sandy decide to stake out their own offices and encounter prostitute Oana (Vera Farmiga) working in the area. One night, Will catches Miro and follows him all the way home. Instead of directing the cops to the thieve, he starts a relationship with his mother.

This is written and directed by Anthony Minghella. I have no specific problems with the directions. It is all about the writing. It is overloaded with class warfare melodrama. Everybody has their own dramas. There is just too much. That's not to say there is nothing worthwhile. Binoche is amazing in this. If this is a simple movie about her and her son, this could be an award worthy performance. Again there are so many characters who each have their own drama. Minghella could easily cut out Sandy and Oana. Quite frankly, I couldn't care less about Will and his family drama either. The complicated melodrama is simply too complicated.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Second Chance

In London, the British architect Will (Jude Law) lives with his Swedish mate Liv (Robin Wright Penn) a worn-out relationship, without the former passion, consumed by the dedication of Liv to her autistic daughter Bea (Poppy Rogers). The needy of love Will and his partner Sandy (Martin Freeman) have an ambitious architectural project to improve the dangerous neighborhood of King's Cross where their firm Green Effect is located. The practitioner of parkour and refugee from Serbia Mirsade a.k.a. Miro (Rafi Gavron) breaks in Green Effect in the night to deactivate the alarm system to burgle computers and others electronic devices with a gang of compatriots leaded by his uncle. Will decides to stake-out during the nights to find the culprit, and he witnesses Miro trying to break-in the firm again. Will pursues Miro and finds his address, where Miro lives with his seamstress mother Amira (Juliette Binoche). Will does not call the police, and on the next day, he visits Amira with the pretext of sewing a coat. Will gets closer to Amira, visiting her everyday, and more distant from Liv, When Miro finds that Will had been in his room, he tells the truth to his mother and she decides to give Will's laptop back to him. Will sexually desires Amira and she has an encounter with him to get pictures to compromise and blackmail him.

"Breaking and Entering" is another great movie of Anthony Minghella that explores the theme of second chance in life through a dramatic triangle of love of the needy lead character and the maternal love of two mothers. Jude Law performs a successful but needy of love architect that misses the passion and attention of his girlfriend; Robin Wright Penn neglects her mate and gives her total attention to her daughter; and Juliette Binoche is a Serbian refugee capable of any sacrifice to save her son from prison. Their daughter Bea and son Miro are the key elements that trigger the plot. The lead trio has magnificent and credible interpretations and the story concludes with a final non-commercial redemption. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Invasão de Domicílio" ("Invasion of Domicile")

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

Love, in all its forms

The late Anthony Minghella wrote and directed "Breaking and Entering," a 2006 film starring Jude Law, Robin Wright Penn,and Juliette Binoche.

Since this film is about people and not adventure or war, I'll say up front that this film moved slowly. I found it an honest and moving film about complex people with complex emotional -- and very real -- lives.

Jude Law is Will, an architect who has a brand new office with his partner Sandy (Martin Freeman). The problem is that the office is in King's Cross, a bad neighborhood. On the day they open their office, they're robbed and then they're robbed again.

Will's home life is strained - he lives with his Swedish girlfriend, Liv, and her autistic daughter, Bea. Bea causes chaos in the household and also requires a lot of attention. Will feels somewhat neglected, and there's a lack of communication in the household. Therefore, to get out of the house, he takes it upon himself to watch the office building at night. He's joined by a Russian hooker (Vera Farmiga) who brings him coffee in exchange for staying warm in his car. She offers herself to him but Will rejects her. Will isn't looking for sex. He's looking for love.

One night he sees a boy trying to break in. Will follows him home and takes note of the fact that his mother Amira (Binoche) is a tailor. The next day he shows up with a jacket to be repaired. Ultimately he wants to be repaired, and they start an affair. It turns out she's Bosnian, and she and her son Miro (Rafi Gavron) left with the Red Cross during the war; her husband was killed when he stayed behind. Unbeknownst to her, Miro's uncle has Miro and a group of his friends, who are experts at parkour, a discipline akin to gymnastics, break into places and steal computers. He soon discovers that Liv isn't the only mother who has an abundance of motherly love.

This is a wonderful story of the lengths a mother will go for her child -- both Liv and Amira, and the desire of two people to find their love again - Liv and Will. Liv and Bea, Will thinks, are in a "circle" that he's not in. He believes he has found true love with Amira, but there's another circle, and he can't be part of that either.

The acting throughout is marvelous from everyone involved. Jude Law is fantastic as a man who feels alone; Juliette Binoche gives a beautiful performance of a troubled and sensual woman, for whom trust is difficult; and Robin Wright Penn gives a strong performance as Liv, a Swede prone to depression and having communication problems with her husband.

A wonderful character study, a moving story, beautifully done.

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