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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dwightlarks 10 / 10


This film is an honest look at the true story of Sister Kate, her life and her company The Sisters of the Valley. One of the few movies you quickly want to watch again.

Reviewed by mattsouthampton 10 / 10

Weed, Nuns and Guns!

This fly on the wall documentary follows the intriguing story of Sister Kate and her covern of women Sisters of the Valley.

Sister Kate isn't your average nun, she's self declared and not part of any man made religion. These are activist spiritual women on a mission to heal using cannabis. They make oils, tinctures and balms which are shipped all over the world.

Set in the Central Valley of California Sister Kate has opposition to her new business including her family, local sheriff, pastors and drugs cartel.

It's an inspiring story, though at times it is hard to remember who each of the characters are.

It is heartwarming to see how cannabis saved Sister Kate's son Alex from meth addiction.

Great movie and if you appreciate the herb it's a must see!

Reviewed by chilversedward 6 / 10

Shes not a Nun

I watched this because I thought the lady was a proper nun and it would be interesting to see how that aligned with her distributing cannabis. There's a lot of tv documentaries about the cannabis industry and surrounding subject matter. This documentary is basically about a lady who seems to have a mid life change and start to grow and smoke weed which isn't as interesting as a nun doing this. A documentary about smoking/growing marijuana and how it stacks up with Christian practices/ ideals especially those of a nun or ordained person would be an interesting subject. FairPlay to this lady and her family though, I did find her story interesting in its own right.

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