Bring It On: Again


Comedy / Sport

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Bree Turner as Tina
Geoff Stults as Football Player
Kelly Stables as Tiny Blonde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan-salinga 7 / 10

Eye Candy

Whittier is fine... delicious snack of an all-American girl Tina too, I would nail her. Monica not so much. Fact.

Reviewed by liberalblossom15 4 / 10

Not a Worthy Sequel

Whittier is both nervous and excited. She's just made it onto the BEST cheer leading squad (best in WHAT is never clarified). Unfortunately, the captain is rude and cruel to the other cheerleaders, so she and her best friend Monica decide to create their own squad and have a cheer off to see who will go to nationals. At the same time she is falling for the shaggy Derrick who could be perfect for her.

From the beginning this film annoyed me. The lead girl is too naive and impressionable - after one talk with her "head cheerleader" she decides to cut down on her calories and ridicule her friends - even drop them for acceptance. (Don't most girls grow out of that by college?) When she finally stands up for herself, you'll wonder what took so long, and why she felt the need to strip to make her point.

The acting is okay at best, especially from the lead, who is out shined by the girls playing her best friend and her adversary. The "comedy" is minimal, with the gag of Penelope getting hurt being very overdone. The ending was predictable and completely unrealistic as well.

This film left me with a few questions:

*What was with the constant costuming of Whittier in yellow? *Why did the guy playing the mascot beat box to the costume head before going out onstage?

*Where did the new squad find the funding to get matching uniforms and how did they manage to unify their routine within two days?


This is nothing more than mundane teen drivel. It's an unnecessary sequel trying to cash in on the success of it's predecessor. The acting is poor and the ending unrealistic and predictable. Skip this lame flick - you're not missing anything.

Reviewed by kjdewau 7 / 10

Who Cares About The Story? 7 Stars For...

The thin, slender, hottie, slim and smooth legs of the nubile cheerleaders and their beautiful natural thighs, waists and long feminine hair.

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