Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack


Comedy / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meghankiese 1 / 10

Extremely Disappointed

Let me begin by saying that I own every single Bring it On movie, and that I will not be adding this one to my collection. This is just such a disappointment... it's so obvious that the producers/directors/script writers/basically EVERYONE had no experience whatsoever in cheerleading.

I understand making things showy for entertainment purposes, but this takes things to n entirely new level. The film plays into stereotypes that cheerleaders are rude, dumb, and only care about materialistic things, while perpetuating a culture where it's embarrassing to be a cheerleader. And, seeing as I've been a cheerleader for the past 8 years, and I plan on cheering competitively in college and working with UCA full-time, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I am not ashamed to be a cheerleader.

It also appears like they're trying to pull a Pitch Perfect. As in, they said phrases with "Aca" thrown in the beginning. NO ONE says "Fem-credible", "Cheer-fection," or "Cheer-smacked" in cheer. There are no virtual "world wide cheer-offs".

Again, I understand that the purpose of any movie franchise is to entertain! But there IS a line between entertainment and ridiculousness. None of the Bring it On movies have showcased legitimate cheerleading on any level whatsoever, they only play into the stigma/overall perception of cheerleading. At least with the first four, the plots were interesting, and they choreography somewhat RESEMBLED cheerleading. Unfortunately, the later two do not.

All I ask is if you're going to make a movie where the driving plot is about a cheer team, at least have it be CHEERLEADING. No loose, horrible motions, no showy dance-like moves. Have the team succeed with amazing stunts/tumbling yet maintain tight, clean motions and adhere to actual rules/guidelines. You can't advertise it as a cheer movie and have routines be literally 20% cheer, 80% whatever the heck the choreography is.

If a movie was produced about any other sport where the film's portrayal was so far off that the sport was hardly recognizable, it wouldn't be okay. But therein lies the issue: to the general public who know nothing about cheerleading, all of the girls are catty, self-obsessed idiots who only fight with each other and start virtual wars with one another when that is not the case whatsoever.

Reviewed by Steven-gonzale 8 / 10

Sumptuous feast for the eyes

It is not surprising the film is so attractive and it features credits for all the talented athlete eye candies. They are making this film so watchable. All those gorgeous costumes tightly wrapped around these babes is so all-American. This film never fails to offer pleasure for the eye. The story proceeds at a sufficient pace with some unexpected twists and turns.

Reviewed by WhenAmyMetSalad 1 / 10


If you are a fan to ANY of the previous installments and thought any of the previous installments were a let down or awful. get ready to give any previous Bring It On's an Oscar because compared to this all those others look like 100% rotten tomato movies.

YES that is how awful this installment is. It's like they hired random people on the street to fill in as writer, director, choreographers, and actors. It was such a lazy put together movie that its embarrassing to even let the web know I watched it.

And to the reviewer Meghan just an FYI the whole "aca" thing was started in the first Bring It On, so its not like that's where they stole it, but more like Pitch Perfect got it from them.

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